A BAR will remain open after it survived what its managers referred to as a “one man campaign” that could have seen it stripped of its licence.

Bosses from Leicester Street Club in East Bowling appeared before the Bradford District Licensing Panel yesterday after a neighbour called for a review of the venue.

The objector, Stanley Andrasic had a list of alleged complaints, including claims he had been threatened by people drinking there and that the streets were left strewn with bottles and glass some nights.

But the people that run the venue said Mr Andrasic’s claims against the club were “vexatious” and exaggerated.

Under licensing policies, individuals are allowed to call for a premises to have its licence reviewed if they believe its licensing conditions are being broken.

The panel was told that only Mr Andrasic had made a complaint, and there had been nine letters and a petition supporting the plans.

The club has been on the street for over 45 years.

Mr Andrasic told the committee: “Now and then you’ll get people causing chaos, abusive behaviour in the area. They leave bottles and glasses all over the place. Children could harm themselves if they pick up and drink that stuff. It’s just unreal. I’m almost afraid to go home due to the abusive behaviour I receive. I felt I had to do this to remind you to respect residents.

“People show up here with their car radios playing and boom boxes playing.”

When asked if he had logged all the incidents, he said: “I can’t spend the rest of my life itemising everything. I could record it but I’ve got other things to do.”

Paul Owen, Licence Holder for the venue, said: “This is a vexatious complaint. The applicant doesn’t have any wider support in this. We’re disappointed he hasn’t come to us to try and address these issues.

“Instead of getting in touch with us he contacted every person under the sun, including the West Yorkshire Crime Commissioner, about the premises and the issues he allegedly has.”

He said although there had been some incidents at the venue, they were usually dealt with swiftly by management.

He added: “Some of the things Mr Andrasic has said have been exaggerated. This complaint by one person has caused a lot of worry for people who are employed by the club and the public who visit the venue. We are now at a meeting where the licence is in jeopardy. It is quite concerning.

“He is making out that this is some underground club that should be shut down.

“These allegations should be dismissed as a one man crusade against the club. The club makes a hugely positive contribution to the local economy and the East Bowling community.”

The panel voted that the club should retain the licence, but with an added condition that no alcohol be allowed outdoors late at night and that all glasses and bottles are collected from outside the venue each night.