A Bradford man has been arrested in Pakistan after he was stopped at an airport for allegedly attempting to smuggle 28 kilograms of heroin into the UK, hidden in women’s clothing.

The man was reportedly halted at the Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore last Saturday, where he was believed to be attempting to smuggle a large quantity of the Class A drug from Pakistan to the UK.

He was allegedly trying to board a flight from Lahore to London with more than 61lbs of heroin stitched into hidden pockets of women’s clothing.

Anti-Narcotics Force Punjab carried out the arrest, which was reported in the Pakistani media.

News channel City 42 and online newspaper Dunya both reported that the man arrested was a Mohammad Hafeez Hanif, a British national.

Hanif, 22, lives in the Little Horton area, and is reported to be in custody in Pakistan after allegedly being stopped with the drugs.

If the drugs had been successfully trafficked to the UK, it could have had an estimated street value running into the millions on Britain’s streets, and could of been split into at least 280,000 wraps of heroin.

A spokesperson for the Foreign Office said it is aware a British national has been detained in Pakistan.

He said: “Our consular staff are in contact with the Pakistani authorities following the detention of a British man.”

The Telegraph & Argus made repeated attempts to get an update on the investigation from the Anti-Narcotics Force in Pakistan, but was unsuccessful.

In recent years, there have been other reports of people from the UK allegedly attempting to travel from Pakistan to the UK while transporting a large quantity of drugs.

In July 2016, a British man believed to be from Bradford was arrested for trying to smuggle 16kg of heroin from Pakistan to Manchester hidden in a suitcase.

Just last month, a 23-year-old British man was arrested at Islamabad Airport trying to smuggle 24kg of heroin, which had been soaked into 25 sweaters, onto a flight to Manchester.

In November, a woman in her 50s was arrested at Dublin Airport after 15kg of heroin was found hidden in her luggage after she arrived in the Irish capital after flying from Lahore. The woman, and the man in his 30s who met her at the airport were both detained by police.

The offence of drug trafficking is taken very seriously in Pakistan, which is one of 32 countries across the world that carries the death penalty as punishment for the offence.

In the UK, the punishment for supplying Class A drugs such as heroin is up to life in prison, an unlimited fine, or both.