POLICE are trying to track down more graffiti by an artist who has reportedly left about 70 tags around Otley.

The neighbourhood policing team say they have been working hard to identify the person responsible for the graffiti around Otley town centre, Westgate and Bradford Road.

On Saturday officers attended an address in York and seized a number of items as evidence.

They then located the person responsible for the graffiti and interviewed him.

He has been reported to court for multiple counts of criminal damage.

Officers have found numerous "tags" around Otley, numbering around 70 so far.

But they are asking members of the public if they know of any which might have been missed or that have been cleaned off to let them know the location and ideally provide officers with a photograph.

The "tags" they are most interested in are "Favela" "Gino" "LQRS" and "Fugazi".

Or any tags which appeared just after Christmas around Otley.

People are asked to email OuterNorthWest@westyorkshire.pnn.police.uk with any graffiti they have found.