AN UNCLE has spoken of his relief after his stolen car was found a mile from his home.

Azeem Yasin’s Vauxhall Zafira was taken from Necropolis Road, Lidget Green, with his four-year-old niece sat inside.

She was taken out of the car and found within minutes by the family after the tot was dumped in Birks Avenue, the next street along.

Mr Yasin, 32, said his niece was too young to fully understand what had happened to her, but he is glad the ordeal has come to a satisfying end after someone found the car parked outside a home.

"It's a happy ending," he said after getting his car back.

"I didn't expect to get it back because when I was talking to the police, they said the car is usually found the same day or within 24 hours."

"I've got it back in once piece, but there were some needles found in the back seats."