POLICE “cut off the supply of eggs” in a village in a bid to tackle Bonfire night disorder.

A new report into how emergency services dealt with anti social behaviour over the Halloween and Bonfire period reveals that motorists passing through Denholme had reported being pelted with eggs.

Police were scrambled to the village and discovered young people had been getting their eggs from a local shop.

Officers and youth workers spoke to the shop and persuaded them to stop egg sales to young people over the period.

The report says: “Once the supply of eggs had been cut off, this was no longer a problem.”

Denholme had been identified as a possible hot spot for disorder due to incidents on previous Bonfire nights.

Youth workers were sent to Foster Park in the village on November 4, also known as Mischief Night, to nip anti anti social behaviour in the bud.

The report says: “They worked with some 35 young people who had gathered at Foster Park to reduce anti social behaviour.

“Problems were kept to a minimum – young people were asking the Youth Workers to go home as they said that they could not get up to mischief when the youth workers were around.”

At a meeting of Bradford Council’s Shipley Area Committee on Wednesday, members will be given an update on the work done in the constituency, which includes Wrose, Baildon, Shipley, Denholme, Wilsden and Bingley, to stop Bonfine Night troubles.

For three weeks before November 5 youth workers met with young people in these areas to talk about firework safety, the law around fireworks and the consequences of anti-social behaviour.

They were also encouraged to attend organised bonfire celebrations rather than to light fires or use fireworks themselves.

Shipley had also been identified as a potential hot spot for anti social behaviour, but the report says: “Following a period of intensive work with the police over the summer months, anti social behaviour in Shipley has reduced dramatically and there were few, if any instants of bonfire night problems in Shipley.”

Although the most high profile disorder over Bonfire night took place in inner city areas, the incidents in Denholme show how it occurs in all corners of the district.

The committee meets at 6pm in Shipley Town Hall.