BRADFORD Council's leader has called for a report to be prepared into what post-Brexit Bradford will look like.

At a meeting of the Council on Tuesday, Leader Susan Hinchcliffe will call for a report detailing how the district will react to both a deal and a no-deal Brexit.

The call comes as the Government is still divided on what Brexit should look like.

And she says it must include details of how the Council will support its staff who originate from EU countries.

A motion being put forward by Cllr Hinchcliffe at the meeting will read: "Given the fast moving political environment nationally it is difficult to predict with certainty what kind of deal, or no deal, is going to be agreed with the EU.

"The situation changes daily.

"Regardless, the Council must continue its preparedness to support the district to transition, whatever the outcome. Using the latest information available, we ask the Chief Executive to prepare a report on our plans as a Council to support the district now and into the future post-Brexit.

"This should include an update on how we are supporting our own valued council staff who originate from other EU countries."

The Council meeting will be held in City Hall at 4pm.