A drug-driver from Bradford who led police on a high-speed chase on a dual carriageway and through York has been jailed by a judge – who said it was “incredible no-one was injured or killed”.

Waqar Hussain, 25, of Gladstone Street, off Barkerend Road, failed to stop for police when driving a Toyota Auris on the A64 eastbound near Bilbrough Top Services, York Crown Court heard.

West Yorkshire Police had asked North Yorkshire officers to check the car out but when they tried to stop the vehicle Hussain sped up and a pursuit began.

Footage of the dramatic chase recorded by a camera in one of two pursuing police cars was played in court. It showed the police car reaching speeds of around 120mph to keep up with the Toyota on the A64, and up to 70mph in built up residential areas of York.

It also showed the Toyota overtaking and undertaking vehicles, going the wrong direction on a roundabout, driving along a path next to the A64 and motorists taking evasive action.

The pursuit, shortly after 6pm on April 23 last year, ended on the A64 westbound near Tadcaster after police used a stinger for a second time, which shredded a tyre on the Toyota.

Carmel Pearson, prosecuting, said: “The car was only stopped because police cars performed a pincer movement.”

The collision caused about £27,000 worth of damage to the police cars, writing one of them off.

Following his arrest, Hussain tested positive for cannabis, the court was told.

After starting on the A64 eastbound, the pursuit continued along Tadcaster Road, Moor Lane, Askham Lane, Front Street and Askham Lane again. Police then chased Hussain along the A1237 before they rejoined the A64 on the westbound carriageway.

Defending Hussain, Ms Harris, said: “The defendant knows he has made a dreadful mistake. He apologises to the police and the public in general. He feels very foolish for his stupid actions.

“He is determined that this will be the last time he appears before court.”

The court heard Hussain had worked as a mental health support worker and had hoped to join the probation service.

Judge Simon Hickey told Hussain: “This driving was appalling. It put the public at risk. It was incredible no-one was injured or killed.

“In that small residential area I watched a great number of vehicles having to take evasive action. You went on the wrong side of a roundabout. The aggravating feature is you had cannabis in your system having smoked cannabis the night before.”

Hussain had pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and drug driving on December 10 at York Magistrates’ Court. This week, Judge Hickey sentenced Hussain to 14 months in prison and disqualified him from driving for 55 months.