SIR - In July 2011, the Bradford Council Library Services were to close our village library.

A group of volunteers decided to take over the service with some help and support from the council's library services.

On November 7, 2011, Denholme library opened its doors to the public.

In September 2018 the co-ordinator announced her retirement. This meant the termination of the service level agreement with the council of three months the terms of which have been adhered to.

It was also announced that more volunteers wished to retire too.

This left a tremendous gap in the rota for the hours in delivering the service at the library.

The library is a focal point and a hub for people in the village and it stands in good stead for the volunteers taking over.

There is a large selection of books for sale to generate income for ongoing costs. The library also hosts coffee and bacon buttie mornings.

The funds from these events left over have been donated to the Scoliosis Association UK and Manorlands (Sue Ryder). Letters of thanks have been received for evidence of the funds.

The Town Council has expressed an interest in taking over the library and all the volunteers hope the service will continue to serve the public and wish them well.

Annette Bell, Retired Volunteer Co-ordinator on behalf of the volunteers.