THE KILLER of a prostitute remains at large - more than a quarter of a century since her body was found in woodland.

A huge police investigation was launched in September 1992 when Yvonne Annesta Fitt's body was found hidden in Norwood Edge, in Lindley Wood, around six miles outside of Otley.

Police had to carry out forensic tests after the 33-year-old was stabbed to death and later found in the picnic spot by a man picking mushrooms - four months after her body was believed to have been dumped there.

Police believed her body had been taken there from either Leeds or Bradford, but they did not know if she was taken there alive.

Miss Fitt, the mother of an 11-year-old girl at the time of her murder, worked in the red light districts of Leeds and Bradford.

An inquest heard she died from stab wounds to her chest and was probably killed in July 1992.

The crime was covered on the BBC's Crimewatch and the mum's last movements were reconstructed and filmed for for the show.

A man called police after watching the reconstruction and told officers he knew who the killer was and more than 50 calls were made to police in Bradford and 30 to the studios.

A 32-year-old woman was quizzed about the death in December 1992, but she was released and never charged.

Police said at the time they were constantly reviewing the file and any information they received was thoroughly checked.

Detective Superintendent Tony Whittle, who was in charge of the murder investigation, said: "We have got all the data on the case ready, all the information is on file and as soon as someone comes in we check things."

The case drew comparisons to the October 2000 murder of Leanne Tiernan, from Leeds, because both bodies were found in the same location.

Detectives questioned Leanne's killer - the parcel delivery worker John Taylor - over Yvonne's murder after the 16-year-old's body was also found in Lindley Wood.

Police believed Taylor, who worked at Bradford's Euroway Trading Estate, had killed before.

The Telegraph & Argus reported in 2002 that detectives were hoping to question him over Yvonne's murder and that of Rebecca Hall, who was found dead in 2001.

The 19-year-old's body was found two weeks after she was last seen leaving for work and her murder also remains unsolved.