We selfish, greedy and short sighted human beings seem determined to make sure that climate change continues and certainly will threaten the lives of our grandchildren and great grandchildren.

The hordes storming the shops on Black Friday seeking bargains that they probably don’t need, and the adverts for larger cars show just how much behaviour moderation we will need if the rate of climate change is to be reduced.

A three litre petrol engined monstrosity is advertised in this paper as stylish and practical with a completely unnecessary top speed of over 150 mph and over 270 grams of C02 per km. It will certainly produce more than that, around one kilo every two miles, so just over one tonne every 2,000 miles.

So a miserly10,000 miles annually will produce at least five tonnes of CO2 when our yearly individual total, from all activities, should be two tonnes at the most.

Even more worrying is the fact that the owner must be well off, probably with a highly paid job. This makes it even more of a concern that a person with such experience and education can put such a high level of comfort, self indulgence and property ownership before the greater good of the wider population and the young ones in the family.

There was an argument in the past for occasionally visiting relatives living in distant lands as phoning was difficult, and film coverage was impossible. However that’s not the case now and I can talk with my Californian brother-in-law, and see him, as long as he is awake. Flying is out of the question, and we should stay on the ground.

The recent rioting by French workers concerned that they may lose their jobs just shows the need for a significant change in investment practice and a serious reduction in the growth dominated extremes of capital greed.

Additionally we’ll need to make sure that two children is the limit, and accept that having food to eat and something to do is the basic need for all of us – worldwide.