A SILSDEN pensioner who has been undergoing penis filler injections to increase its size says the procedure has boosted his confidence and has left him 'reinvigorated'.

Eric Bell, 69, says he is not embarrassed to tell people he has been having the treatment - his 'project' - and is encouraging all men who may be suffering from erectile dysfunction to go ahead - as long as they can afford the hefty price tag.

"Basically I was suffering occasionally from erectile dysfunction and it was affecting my confidence with the ladies," he said.

The retired psychiatric nurse was born in Saltaire started work as an apprentice labourer at 15. He also did around four years working with the army in Germany as a civilian and has also worked as a salesmen at Stylo, in Westgate, Bradford and Mason's Menswear in the city centre.

He worked in retail in Leeds and then in London selling paint and wallpaper.

He came back to West Yorkshire when his mother died in 1990 which is when he went into psychiatric nursing.

Eighteen months ago the bachelor moved to Silsden to be nearer his family.

"About two years ago I was going through a bit of depression which was affecting my erections. I heard about the treatment and went along to Moorgate Andrology, in Doncaster, for a consultation.

"They explained everything and put me at ease. I had no doubt at all about going through with it.

"The most common question I have had since from people is whether it was painful.

"It absolutely wasn't. When I went to the treatment room they gave me cream to rub all over my penis which made it numb. I could see the injections going into the shaft but couldn't feel anything.

"All I had to do then was massage the filler in. It is a form of hyaluronic acid, a silicon-based filler, which thickens up the penis.

"I have had four lots up to now and will be having my last in January and the girth will be six inches.

"I am very happy with the result and feel I have been gifted. It doesn't affect the length.

"Now I can happily chat to ladies of any age knowing if we go on a date I can please them. I don't feel it is too big. I haven't had any complaints yet though when they see it for the first time their eyes widen a bit," he muses.

"The affect lasts for about two years and then I hope to have more.

"It has certainly helped with my erectile dysfunction, along with other supplements I take such as ginseng and other herbal treatments to increase the blood flow."

He said he didn't see the procedure as being any different from ladies who have had breast augmentation to boost their own wellbeing, though his was also to help with a medical problem.

"It is all to do with confidence. It is all psychological. Sex is something you build up to and when you are confident you can perform. Anticipation is where the excitement comes from and now I get really good erections which last a long time.

"It's not cheap, around £2,000 or £3,000 a go. I've spent around £12,000 up to present but I hope I'll get a discount for my last treatment after all the publicity I've given Moorgate Andrology," he quipped.

Mr Bell said he spoke to his family before going ahead with the treatment.

"They told me I was an adult and could do what I wanted. They gave me their blessing," he added.

"I have a new spring in my step when I go out now. I always cut a dashing figure when I get dressed up and wear a bowler hat or trilby and smart suits. Sometimes I look gangster-like.

"I look good for my age and keep myself fit and healthy and like the attention I get.

"I will carry on with the treatment for as long as they will let me. I feel reinvigorated and very happy."

Eric has had a recent documentary on Channel 5 entitled “OMG My Midlife Plastic Crisis” which chronicled his operations.