PLANS to demolish Wibsey Park Lodge and build four houses in its place have been submitted to Bradford Council - weeks after demolition work started.

The building was sold at auction in September, and last month work to tear down the building began, leading to a huge outcry from the public.

Council officers intervened and let the owners know that before work could continue they would need planning permission to demolish the building.

An application has now been submitted by a Mr N Rahim for the retrospective demolition of the building and the construction of four, three-bed semi detached houses.

On the application form in the section asking if work has already started the applicant has ticked “no.”

There is a covenant for the building which means it will be used for residential purposes.

At a meeting of the full Council on Tuesday, Councillor Ralph Berry (Lab, Wibsey) asked Council Leader Susan Hinchcliffe if she shared his frustration and anger in the situation. Cllr Hinchcliffe said she did, adding: "An application was submitted two weeks ago, but unfortunately this was done incorrectly."

Cllr Berry replied: "The fact that the application was incorrect adds insult to injury.

"Can this Council re-iterate that demolishing something without permission isn't on. Planning agents need to pay far more attention to making sure their clients stick to the rules.

"In a highly visible situation like this the rules seem to be completely ignored."

Cllr Hinchcliffe responded: "Starting demolition without permission doesn't advantage them in any way. Who you are and where you are in the district doesn't matter, you need to stick to the rules."

The new application has since been submitted.

A decision on that application is expected in February.