THE annual Christmas Stars Appeal launched by the Lord Mayor of Bradford, Councillor Zafar Ali, has again been an outstanding success with more than 150 people dedicating a star for their loved ones and those who make a difference in the community.

The event is held each year in the Banqueting Hall and Cllr Ali launched the occasion by dedicating one of the gold stars to his mother, Khurshid Begum, and father Mohammad Amin.

All the stars are placed on the Christmas tree and those who have purchased one are invited to a special reception.

The Christmas Stars Appeal is run in partnership with the Telegraph & Argus.

The stars are £5 each to buy and all the money raised is donated to the Lord Mayor’s Appeal, which this year is going towards supporting Sue Ryder Manorlands Hospice and The Bradford Nightstop charity.

Bradford Nightstop provides accommodation for homeless young people in the homes of vetted and trained volunteers.

Homeless people are prevented from rough sleeping until their longer term solution is resolved. One night at a time, they are offered a place of safety with a room of their own, transport, meals, basic essential supplies, washing facilities and support to their next step.

Sue Ryder Manorlands Hospice is in Oxenhope, near Keighley, and provides expert palliative care, advice and support for people across Bradford who are living with life-limiting conditions.

During the seasonal event, people were able to meet the Lord Mayor and proudly hang their own stars on the Christmas tree followed by mince pies and refreshments.

Cllr Ali said he was delighted to dedicate his star to his parents. He said: "What I am today is because of their teaching and love. They both shaped my life giving me a good education and discipline, teaching me to be respectable to everyone, to care for people and always be patient.

"I am so proud of them. I would like everyone to respect and love their parents because no one can substitute them."

Cllr Ali added:"It was my privilege to share this unique evening with so many people remembering, or celebrating, their loved ones at this special time of the year. I am hugely grateful to everyone who supported the Christmas Stars event and I know that, in turn, they were pleased to donate to my Civic Appeal which benefits the Sue Ryder Manorlands Hospice and also helps Bradford Nightstop fight youth homelessness in our district."

The evening raised in the region of £825.00 for the Lord Mayor’s Appeal.

List of those nominated as supplied by Bradford Council:

Abbott, Wilf

Ali, Zafar

Atherton, Jene

Atkinson, Sheila Ann

Barker, Ashley

Bates, Elaine (nee heath)

Blamires, Lisa Marie

Baby Bowman

Baby Gemma

Bedford, Steve

Begley, Jordan Roy

Bell, Private Martin G.M.

Bennett, Arthur

Bennett, Rona

Bradley-Sharp, Pauline

Britton, Terry

Butler, Alan

Butterfield, Nancy

Burton, Frank

Cahill, Stan

Cahill, Teresa

Canning, Joan

Carter, Frank

Chadwick, Raymond

Chapman, Barrie

Clark – Patterson, John

Clay, Carol M

Clements, Jo

Connell, Dorothy May

Connell, Dorothy M

Croft, Shirley

Crolla, David

Crolla, Molly

Crolla, Raymond

Davis, Barry

Delaney, Julia

Dowling, Nick

Drake, Chris

Dunn, Francis Kevin

Eccles, Gladys

Eccles, Harry

Edgley, Annie

Edgley, Arthur

Elsden, Arnold

Elsden, Rina

Feather, Samantha

Firth, Bert

Firth, Lee

France, Philip

Frost, Michael

Fortune, Jack

Fowler, Jack

Fox, Neil

Gee, Eunice

Gee, Percy

Greed, Harold

Greenwood, Hilda

Greenwood, Private Joe

Greenwood, Sue

Gordon, Grahame

Hampson, Jackie

Hampson, Raymond

Harrison, Paul

Hatton, Irvine

Hirst, Rita

Hodgson, Bill

Hodgson, Hervey

Hodges- Rhodes, Lillie

Holdsworth, Allan

Holmes family, the

Howcutt, Evelyn

Humphrey, Jean

Hutchinson, Penny Emma

Ingleby, Harry

Ingleby, Jessie

Jackson, Adeline

Jackson, Shirley

Kellett, Leah

Kenney, Neville

Kichingman, David

Knowles, Ian Paul

Lad, Duksa

Lad, Nisha

Trisha, Lad

Lee, Herbert O.B.E

Le Prevost, Danny

Le Prevost, Joyce

Lollie, Isabella

Longbottom, Jim

Lowe, Ian

Lydon , Judith Margaret

Lydon, Tom

Mann, Sara

Marriott, Lillian

Masters, Kitty

McDermott, Daniel John

McNally, Oliver Christian

McNally, Peter

Moore, Jean

Moorhouse, Ben

Moorhouse, John

Mudd, June

Murray, Mr & Mrs M

Murray, Malcolm

Murray, Morris

Myers, Dorathy

Naylor, Ezra

Partridge, Derek

Partridge, Jackie

Patterson, Joshua

Peacock, Dennis

Pearson, Michael

Plowes, Dina

Purdham, Molly

Reynolds, Michael

Richards, Moira

Robinson, Michael

Ruth, May

Ruth, Wilfred

Shackleton, Kathleen

Shackleton, Philip

Sharkey, Jack

Sharkey, Peter

Sheard, Nick

Simpson, Mike

Simpson, Zak

Smith, Lily Angel

Smith, Peter Craig

Soothill, Derrick

Soothill, Patricia

Stansfield, Clare

Stephenson, Corporal William

Stephenson, Mr & Mrs W & Son


Surbuts, Harry

Surbuts, Kieth

Tarbotton, Jim

Taylor, Jonny

Taylor, Leanne

Tempest, David

Thackey, Ceara

Varley, Ethel

Virco, Caitlin

Waddington, Paul Nigel

Wade, Kathleen

Walker, Freddie Patrick

Walker, Joan

Walker, Terry

Walker, Thomas

Wassell, Derek

Williams, Karen