A TWO car crash was causing short delays on a busy city centre road this morning.

The crash involved two cars on the northbound carriageway of Canal Road, near to its junction with Valley Road.

Police were called to the incident at 10:25am.

A spokesperson said only the cars were damaged in the crash, with no injuries sustained.

One of the vehicles was a taxi - a white Peugeot - and the other was a black Ford Focus.

The front bumper of the white taxi was hanging off, with its bonnet slightly crumpled. 

The black vehicle had damage to the rear.

The collision happened in the right-hand lane of the carriageway, near to the traffic lights.

The police spokesperson said the incident was resolved at 11:30am, with the drivers arranging their own recovery.

The right-hand lane, at the traffic lights, had been blocked, with traffic filtering down the remaining two lanes.

The small blockage had caused slight delays.