A woman has spoken of her “living nightmare” at the hands of her abusive ex-partner who she says has stalked, harassed and attacked her in seven years of torment.

Jason Roddis, 31, of Brookfield Road, Idle, was jailed for two years and four months at Bradford Crown Court after pleading guilty to a breach of a restraining order and three counts of criminal damage.

The court heard he climbed over Haley Terry’s high fence at night on September 6 and prowled around the garden. He threw a beer bottle through her car window, damaged a trampoline and a CCTV camera bracket, picked up pliers left outside the house and tried to break in. Roddis was said to have poured petrol on the ground and Miss Terry said she saw him on CCTV footage looking for his lighter.

Speaking to the Telegraph & Argus, Miss Terry, 28, opened up about the painful years she was in a relationship with Roddis and the seven years of hell she has endured since she found the courage to leave him.

“I was in a relationship with him, throughout that relationship he was really violent,” she said, believing she could have died if she had stayed. After reaching breaking point and deciding enough was enough, she left him, but has been forced to take out orders to protect herself, has moved house, put up a 6ft fence around her property and installed CCTV, but says “nothing stops him”.

Back in 2012, Roddis was jailed for two years and three months after repeatedly slamming a window on Miss Terry as she tried to escape him. She was left covered in bruises and with cuts to her body.

The terrifying incident came just weeks after Roddis grabbed Miss Terry round the neck and punched her three times in the face.

“He just doesn’t listen to the orders,” Miss Terry said. “It’s a nightmare. He’s clever about how he does it.”

She added: “It’s bad when you don’t even feel safe in your own home. It’s a living nightmare. It’s never ending - you think the hard part is leaving someone like that.”

Miss Terry said she would like to see courts take crimes like this more seriously.

“It’s a very, very serious matter.

“It’s not just me it’s happening to - it happens daily and it’s ridiculous.”

She estimates she has been to court around 20 times over the years and has described the situation as “mentally draining”, highlighting that Roddis didn’t see the last sentence he served as a punishment. And because of her ordeal, Miss Terry says she feels a need to help others and has volunteered with different women’s projects.

In a series of chilling CCTV clips released by Miss Terry, Roddis can be seen prowling around the garden, appearing to pour petrol and trying various doors of the property.

At one point he looks straight at the CCTV camera and moves it so it’s no longer pointed on the garden courtyard area. Miss Terry has criticised the fact that the attempted burglary charge was dropped and raised fears about what Roddis’ intentions were that night.

There was then confusion when a letter from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said the offence could not be proved to the standard required, however one week later she received a letter from West Yorkshire Police saying Roddis had pleaded guilty to the charge.

The force apologised and said it was due to a clerical error. A spokesperson said a letter with the correct information and the court result was sent to Miss Terry.

A CPS spokesperson said: “Jason Roddis was originally charged with three offences: attempted burglary, damage to a motor vehicle and breach of a restraining order.

“After a full review, two further counts were added of causing damage to a camera bracket and a trampoline. Following service of the case, including CCTV and fingerprint evidence, the defendant pleaded guilty to all offences apart from the attempted burglary. As this charge would not have added significantly to the final sentence a court could impose, after consultation with the police we agreed that these pleas were acceptable.”

They said sentencing is a matter for the courts and added: “On his release from prison, Roddis remains subject to the terms of the current restraining order for an indefinite period.”

Miss Terry described the situation as “disappointing” and said she believes it doesn’t give people faith in coming forward.

She said: “Something needs to be done to protect women like myself from dangerous men like him - the sentences just don’t suffice – it’s ridiculous.”