MEMBERS of the Nigeria Community Association Bradford have met the Lord Mayor of Bradford to present him with a copy of its Nigeria Voices booklet which tells the history of Nigerians coming to live in Bradford.

Adewale Bakare, the current President of the Association said he and his colleagues felt welcome and recognised as one of the Bradford ethnic minority groups and went on to explain the history of the association, originally called Nigeria Friendship Society (NFS) and founded in October 1991.

Referring to the Lord Mayor, Mr Bakare added: “We found him encouraging and determined to get all Bradford ethnic minority communities working together with him” to improve community cohesion and harmony.

The NCAB are currently campaigning for a community centre in order to look after Nigerian youths and elders’ social needs, especially relating to loneliness.

Mr Bakare said youngsters would be taught some Nigerian cultures and traditions including tribal languages but the association would need access to funding for the continuation of youth projects to engage young people on Saturdays.

He said another factor and drive for the centre is constant demand coming from Nigerian students who are attending either the University of Bradford or Bradford College on various courses.