A BRADFORD inventor, who created the world’s smallest mobile phone, has launched a new product which looks like something straight out of a James Bond film.

Shazad Talib, who owns Zini Mobiles, has revealed his latest product, the 12cm tall Zanco S-Pen, which doubles as a stylus and a mobile phone.

The powerful piece of kit, which has been a year in the making, is a combination of a stylus pen, mobile phone, camera, voice and video recorder, MP3 player, Bluetooth headset and presentation tool, with a built-in laser pointer.

Mr Talib said the product is an “all-in-one presentation tool and pen phone, cram-packed with features for work, travel and downtime”.

He has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the new product, where backers can pledge money and receive a product at a discounted price, which already hit double its target in the first 24 hours, and is open until Friday, January 18.

Firmly aimed at the business world, the product has already received the backing of successful British businessman Raj Kundra, who is married to actress Shilpa Shetty.

Mr Talib said: “Smartphones are powerful but can be cumbersome & distracting when used in meetings, for travel or in leisure time.

“We created the Zanco S-Pen to be the perfect bridge between a smartphone and a lightweight, intuitive presentation tool with essential features.

“It keeps you connected yet allows you to focus on the task at hand. It has over 17 features crammed into it’s small casing which can simply be paired to your smartphone via Bluetooth or you can add a SIM Card & use it as a standalone phone.

“It’s been difficult to create but we are very excited to add the S-Pen to our family.”

Mr Talib said the S-Pen’s compactness makes it the “ultimate back-up phone for travel and outdoor activities”, when a smartphone may be inconvenient, such as during cycling trips, hiking or in emergency situations.

As well as performing the essential functions of a phone, it also has front and rear-facing cameras for taking photos on the hop, and has an SD card slot to save them on.

It also has a built-in radio, a headphone jack, and remote capture button, and six hours of use time and six days standby time.

The S-Pen is the latest creation by inventor Mr Talib, who was born and raised in Bradford and is now based in China, and shipping of the product is expected to take place from April 2019.

It follows a number of incarnations of the world’s smallest phone, including the Zanco Fly and the Zanco Tiny T1, which weighs just 13 grams and is less than two inches tall.

For more details about the product, or to back the Zanco S-Pen’s Kickstarter campaign, visit the crowdfunding page at bit.ly/zancospen.