AN EIGHT-YEAR-OLD girl and a woman in her 60s suffered serious injuries when they were hit by a lorry.

Police are appealing for information about the crash, which happened at 4.05pm on Tuesday, when a Scania articulated lorry struck the pair close to the traffic lights in Beckside Road, heading in the direction of Clayton Road, Lidget Green.

Both suffered serious injuries and were taken to hospital, where they are said to be in a stable condition.

The driver of the lorry, a man in his forties, was spoken to by West Yorkshire Police officers at the scene.

Anyone who witnessed the crash or the events prior to it is asked to contact the Western Area Roads Policing Unit on 101.

Quote log 1228 of December 4 or use the live chat facility on the West Yorkshire Police website.

People working in the area have today called for more traffic calming measures to be put in place on what they describe as a "very busy" road.

Angela Pinder, who works on Clayton Road, believes something needs to be done about the traffic.

She said: "There’s always accidents along here because people drive like idiots.

"They go through red lights and overtake in the street.

"I've seen people drive down the middle of the road to turn right and avoid queueing at the traffic lights.

"At 4pm it is so busy and something needs to be done.

"There needs to be cameras up on lights."

Jeffrey Johnstone, 62, was in the Second West pub as the drama unfolded outside.

He said: "It was really heavy traffic, but drivers shoot through the lights and even though there's a pelican crossing people still drive through.

"If you can make it across the road before the crossing stops beeping, you are a better man than me.

"You have to be an athlete to get across the road."

Another punter added: "It will take someone to die before something is done.

"We see traffic like this everyday and it’s always people trying to take a chance with a red light."