NEW EFFORTS are being made to create a footpath linking Silsden-Steeton railway station with Eastburn and the Airedale Hospital side of Steeton.

Bradford Council will press the Driver and Vehicle Standards Authority (DVSA) to allow the path to cross its HGV testing centre off Steeton Grove.

Council officers will prepare proposals in a bid to overcome questions of health and safety, to complete the long-awaited pedestrian route to the station.

News of progress on the project was revealed during Keighley MP John Grogan’s latest ‘masterplan’ meeting looking at traffic and planning issues in Steeton and Silsden.

The meeting was attended by local councillors and representatives from various public bodies.

Mr Grogan’s staff and the council will investigate which organisation would need to approve a path through the nearby Millennium Business Park.

Redrow Housing confirmed that their new estate off Thornhill Road had access in place for either of the possible footpath routes. The company had told housebuyers that the installation of a footpath was a possibility.

The masterplan meeting also discussed proposed parking in Chapel Road and at Corn Mill Green, expansion of car parking at Airedale Hospital and the Silsden-Steeton station, and proposals for a footbridge across the A629 Aire Valley Road.

Mr Grogan said: “However long I am the MP for Keighley I expect to be discussing traffic issues in Steeton and Silsden but there are signs of progress.

“The next 18 months should see significant additional car parking spaces at both the railway station in the hospital.

“Whilst the former will be free, the matter will not be because of national policy. A Labour Government would introduce free parking for staff and visitors at Airedale Hospital.

“Combined with free parking at a new double-decker car park at the station this would do a lot to assist commuters, patients and staff as well as local residents.”