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Leave your messages of condolence for former Bradford Council leader, Councillor Ian Greenwood, who has died.

I was shocked and saddened when I heard that Ian Greenwood had died. I came to know Ian over the years as the Chairman of the Local Authority Pension Fund Forum. We discussed governance issues normally ahead of the BP AGM. Ian was always challenging in those meetings, but he had a good sense of humour and we had many constructive discussions. He was an excellent advocate for the pension funds he represented. I will miss those meetings. Rest in Peace Ian.


I am humbled, reading all the wonderfully-worded tributes to Ian, and it is crystal clear we all knew the same person: a warm, amusing, larger-than-life, down to earth, straight as a die, vociferously-committed, true representative of the people. He was a shrewd politician of the 'do-able,' with a sharp intellect bent to clear vision born of rock solid values. He helped me personally as far back as when he was the NALGO union rep and our paths crossed from time-to-time over projects in this city, for which he felt gratitude, passionate attachment and civic pride. I never knew him to look down on anyone, but looked up to a constantly better Bradford. It may not be usual to honour a politician with freedom of the city, though we did for Barbara Castle. My own view is, it would be a mark of united recognition for Ian's contribution if he were postumously awarded the key to the city, given he was so key to the hometown he served so assiduously over his lifetime. He will be sadly missed.

Jane Ramsden

As a Council officer,Ian was the sort of politician you admired - indeed needed- to make decisions and sort potential problems.He was good company too.An excellent quizzer with a sharp mind. He tried several times to persuade me to join the Labour Party.With the nature of Bradford ‘politics’,’ I felt that wouldn’t be wise.However I wish he knew that -upon retirement- I became an active member of the Party and am now a Ward official in my retirement town.Thank you Ian.R.I.P.

Terry Rickhuss

I worked with Ian through the Local Authority Pension Fund Forum (LAPFF). I have deep respect for Ian and news of his death is incredibly shocking and sad. I still have very fond memories of him, and particularly his booming Yorkshire voice, kind nature and wisdom. I learned a lot from him. What a terrible loss.

Ashley Hamilton Claxton

Lovely man. Helped me many years ago.

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I was so sorry to hear of Ian Greenwood's passing. I only heard him speak on about 2 occasions but he spoke very knowledgably and articulately. He was realistic and encouraging to new party activists. There are few like him and he will be greatly missed. Dedication and commitment such as his are rare and, sadly, often unappreciated. Sincerest condolences to his family.

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I was deeply upset to learn of Ian's Death. We met at age 15 & 16 at the 'La Romantica' coffee bar in Bradford. He was a good friend throughout the years. I have a photo of him hoovering the carpet when He and other friends helped me move house. He helped my Mother move house too and supported me at her funeral in 2012. I hadn't seen him the last year, but always meant to get in touch - now I never will. I hope he's chatting away in heaven with our dear friend Don who passed away in 2011. I miss them both, they were wonderful human beings. Rest in Peace my dear friend and God Bless You - Janet xxx

Janet Bruce

You ll be sadly missed old friend

Peter Meer

Was in the same class as Ian at Carlton grammar school and met up with him every now and then for different reasons over the years. Nice, friendly guy, passionate politician, great sense of humour and sad that he’s gone, will be sadly missed. RIP IGGY

Chris Hemingway

I am very upset to hear about cllr lan it was only last year i have met him during last year's votes and worked with him. Cllr lan was a lovely and kind hearted person Rest in peace surley will be missed My thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family.

I am very upset to hear about cllr lan it was only last year i have met him during last year's votes and worked with him.

Cllr lan was a lovely and kind hearted person 

Rest in peace surley will be missed

My thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family.
Sameena Rani

Not just a politician but a true Bradfordian. The support you gave to the community to improve lives was admirable. R.i.p Ian.

Catherine Longden

Ian was a great humanitarian he always supported the people of Bradford both public and Council employees. He was a great Union representative working tirelessly for Nalgo when we first met. He has since proved to be a great politician and servant of Bradford working and supporting the development of public services in Bradford. This man has been an inspiration to me and many that he worked with he will be greatly missed. It has been my honour to have known you Ian.

Arthur Martin

Ian and I went to the same infants, junior, and grammar school in Bradford, became firm friends during that time, and remained so during our respective early careers in our teens and early twenties. We then lost touch for several years until we reconnected through a mutual friend about ten years ago, and since then, regularly met up for lunch and a catch up chat. Ian was an honest, caring, larger than life character who will be sadly missed by everyone who knew him, me in particular.

Ian and I went to the same infants, junior, and grammar school in Bradford, became firm friends during that time, and remained so during our respective early careers in our teens and early twenties. We then lost touch for several years until we reconnected through a mutual friend about ten years ago, and since then, regularly met up for lunch and a catch up chat. Ian was an honest, caring, larger than life character who will be sadly missed by everyone who knew him, me in particular.
Alan Kershaw

Ian was a dear personal friend whose help and advice was incredibly valued. His intellect and influence were there for all to see. He lived every day serving Bradford and loved his home city. He was a real powerhouse and a passionate advocate for good social housing and its impact on improving people’s lives. Ian was an outstanding board member with Incommunities and brought a wealth of knowledge, insight and commitment to social justice to this important role. He was also a very special person for me and my family and cannot be replaced. Ian will be deeply missed.”

Geraldine Howley

May your soul rest in peace .

May your soul rest in peace .
Tufail Khan

Over the years found Ian to be friendly and approachable, dedicated to Little Horton ward and people of Bradford district. He was instrumental along with the late Cllr Shafiq Mir in passing the council policy in recognising Kashmiris as a distinct community. Others council followed this lead. RIP Ian Greenwood.

Sagir Ahmed

I had the pleasure of knowing Ian for about 15 years when he first started to come over and visit my whisky shop. I was captured by his enthusiasm, his wit and his unbelievable good nature. To say that he lived for his city of Bradford would be an understatement! Politically we were totally different, but if anybody in this world could have ever convinced me to become a socialist it would be Ian. His ethos, views, understanding of business, were amazing and his love of Bradford was unparalleled. I will be raising a glass of his favourite Bourbon tonight, and reflecting on a truly inspirational man. Slainte!

Julian Kaye

Following many years wondering what my name sake was like, I, serendipoulsy, two years ago, eventually met him. We bumped into each other in the Fox Bar Shipley. We laughed as we introduced each other and became acquaintances. An amusing, charming, thoughtful and influential man. I am tremendously shocked and saddened by Ian’s passing. We have lost a significant individual. RIP Ian

Ian Greenwood

Although we were adversaries politically Ian Greenwood was a Bradfordian through and through. Will be sadly missed, RIP Ian.

Qasim Khan

Deeply saddened to hear about the passing away of Ian. I worked with him on the Bradford Trident Board and Feversham College (for over a decade). His contributions in these two projects were instrumental in their success, especially for Feversham College. Of course, it goes without saying that his tireless efforts for the City and citizens of Bradford will sorely be missed.

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Ian put Bradford first and was a politician whose word you could trust, which is a rare commodity in politics. I sat a cross the chamber from Ian since 2006 and knew if Ian promised something he delivered it. He was a big character who will be sorely missed.

Adrian Naylor

Before my retirement, I was headteacher at one of Little Horton's Primary Schools. Ian was Chair of Governors for many years. I received his continuing support throughout those years. He never failed to thank the staff for their hard work through good times and bad. His help and advice was always available to anyone who needed it. He knew his constituents personally and devoted his working life not only to them, but to all the people of Bradford. He loved the city and was very proud of its people. He once told me that he had had opportunities to go further in politics, but that he wanted to continue his work in Bradford. He devoted his life to serving others and his passing is a great loss. My thoughts are with his family and countless friends who will miss his good humour, intelligence and wisdom.

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Ian Greenwood loss cannot be described in words. Bradford has lost a great friend who served the community irrespective of colour or creed.May God bless him in heaven.

Shah Khokhar

RIP Ian God bless.

Patricia Smith

The loss of a good and honest man is always a sad occasion. Ian was one of the best.

Liz Francis

Very sad to hear my friend Ian has left he was just not a councillor but a good being will b missed really upset have no words condolence with the family deeply upset good bye Ian greenwood wil b missed x

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Clashed With Ian on a number of occasions,and also was supported on a few too. I served as a Councillor for Bowling and Barkerend Ward,and received plenty of help and support from Ian even though we were political opponents. Ian rest in peace.

John Robertshaw

It's a sad day Ian served as a councillor in the Little Horton Ward and as chair of Bradford Trident for many years he was passionate about his work and very well respected we will miss you. Resident/CLLR Fareeda Mir Little Horton

Fareeda Mir

Great loss for all Bradford was a great Bradfordian. Will be missed by all. May his soul rest in peace.

Mohammed Bhatti

It is with deep sorrow that I’ve learned today of the death of Ian Greenwood OBE. I’ve long held Councillor Greenwood in high esteem. He has been a transformational leader for Bradford, leading the City through its own period of tremendous growth, the beautification and increase in the stature of the City, both in the community and around the world. The impact Councillor Greenwood made is visible through the infrastructure of Bradford and what a glorious legacy He leaves behind for others to learn from.

Nabeel Hussain

To a man that gave me so much sound advice and general excellent conversations. You will be remembered as a great great man. Hugely respected, hugely missed. Thank you for everything.

Libby Armstrong

RIP he was a legend he will be missed by the community

Hukraj Khan

RIP My friend, absolutely gutted after hearing of your passing, i can still remember the time you got my taxi badge back for me 15years ago!! You’ll always be missed 🙁 MM

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A former school friend with whom I had maintained some contact, Ian was a dedicated servant of Bradford. He will be sadly missed.

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Rip Ian

Rachael Duke

A sad loss. He was a good support and friend to my late father

Frances Mangham

A very honourable man who would go out of his way to help anyone. RIP

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A truly lovely man who will be greatly missed.

Richard Makepeace

From reading the messages here, it seems Ian Greenwood was a wonderful human being. RIP.

Sajid Hussain

A great guy, had time to listen and help. Sad to hear the news. Best wishes to his family.

Ismail Lorgat

I was fortunate to meet Ian Greenwood a few times and always had a smile and wanted to help you whatever problems you had will be sadly missed a great Ambassador for the Little Horton Ward RIP

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Ian might be remembered as a no nonsense Yorkshireman but he was a man of subtlety, great intelligence and wit. His passing is a loss to all whose company he kept.

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Such a sad loss I knew Ian such a long time he would often pop in for a cuppa and a chat when he was in the area

Helena Fruin

Sad news - Ian Greenwood gave a lot to the City of Bradford and he will be missed. RIP Ian Greenwood.

Paul Macnamara

Ian Greenwood was an individual who loved and served Bradford with a passion. Bradford has lost a real hero who had touched many hearts and changed many lives. He was my mentor, my colleague and most of all, he was my friend. He will never be forgotten. #RIP my friend

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Ian Greenwood had been a major player in Bradford politics for many years when I was growing up throughout my teens. He had achieved wonders in his political lifespan and had the personality leadership capabilities to stir the Labour Party to success. Last year, he was selected and re-elected as a councillor for Bolton and Undercliffe ward after taking a few years out of politics. Unfortunately, he did not have a long enough lifespan to further contribute to Bradford politics. Since getting into the political domain myself and representing the Conservative Party in Bradford, it's clear that we need to acknowledge and honour Ian Greenwood for his continuous service to Bradford Council. It took death to part him away from serving his people. My extended condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.

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So sad to read this news. As a board member at Incommunities he was one of the principal guardians of the values and behaviours expected of staff and other board members alike. A people-centred politician with a shrewd political brain. He will be sorely missed.

Jez Lester

One of the best people that i ever met and my condolences to the family at this sad time

Caroline Anderson

R i P ian

Mohammed Riaz

So sorry to hear of Ian’s passing. He was a great man for Bradford and he overcame party politics to secure everything and anything that was good for the city. A very great loss to Bradford indeed RIP

Stuart Duffy

In 1998 Ian Greenwood came to our house and helps get my brother into a good school. Great man

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Although Ian was of a different leaning to me politically, he always had time to have a chat about putting the world and Bradford to rights. A lovely man who will be missed in his local and I'm sure, by those in the Labour Party. A big man with a big heart. May you rest in peace Ian.

Wilf Brooks

One of the good guys! I am very sorry to hear of Ian's passing, he was always able to make time for a chat and over the twenty years I had the pleasure of taking his picture was always warm and friendly. Rest in peace my friend from me, now living back in South Africa.

Anthony McMillan

I worked at opposite side of the chamber for many years and during a period when the Labour group supported the largest group on Bradford Council (the Conservatives) Ian was Labour leader ,I was conservative chief whip ! We knew when we entered the chamber for any crucial vote that if he had said they would support the vote that they would. His word could be trusted !!

Anne Hawkesworth

I first met Ian well over 30 years ago when we served on the former West Yorkshire County Council together. I last met him just a couple of weeks ago. He was Bradford through and through and wanted only what was best for his home city and its people. My deepest sympathy to his family and many friends.

Frank Dignan

In politics one has many colleagues but few friends. I am proud that Ian was a true friend.

Chris Greaves

We are deeply saddened and shocked to hear about the news. A true Bradfordian who dedicated his life to the city he loved and thoroughly supported. Our wishes are with his family at this very difficult time.

Rajeev Dewedi

I met Ian a number of times. He always made time for me. Which, when you're the leader of the council, takes some doing. He was passionate about Bradford, and passionate about his ward. He taught me a lot about leadership. He was a master of getting the things that can be done, done. Rather than wasting energy on the things that were impossible. Many of the good things that have happened in Bradford (including the mirror pool and the big red bridge), happened as a result of his leadership. It's easy to wish that Bradford was better, more successful, happier. and it's easy to blame the leader of the council. But you'd be hard pressed to find someone who worked harder at making Bradford better, more successful and happier than Ian. RIP. [Also a shout out for Steve Thornton who -co-incidentally- died yesterday. Steve Thornton was a senior highways officer in the council during much of the time that Ian was leader. They both worked tirelessly to improve Road Safety and to reduce the casualty rate, particularly the child pedestrian casualty rate. There are adults walking around today who would have otherwise have been run over in preventable accidents, but they weren't because Steve and Ian worked to prevent them.]

Dave Stevens

Ian was a great man and helped many communities and individuals may god bless his soul. You will be in our prayers

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navaid Balogova

You were a great servant to the Labour movement and to your trade union UNISON of whom you were a proud member. Rest in peace old friend

Tony Pearson

Very sad news to hear about Ian Greenwood. He was a very toll Politician in Bradford, kind co-operative human being. Bradford last a very active councillor in his time. He has done a lot of work for Bradford City and District. He will be missed and also remembered for a long time.

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Ian Greenwood OBE was a great friend and supporter of Bradford Trident and was instrumental in securing the allocation of the New Deal for Communities funding which launched Bradford Trident in 2000 and paved the way for the establishment of Trident as a charity in January 2005. Ian served the communities of Little Horton as Trident’s Chair of Trustees from 5 October 2000 through to July 2009, after which he continued to serve as a Trustee till 17 May 2012. During his leadership of Bradford Trident the area benefitted from economic improvement, crime rate reduction, the introduction of neighbourhood management, a doubling in the number of children attaining A*-C grades in their GCSEs, health programmes, significant improvements in housing stock, youth and community initiatives and the regeneration of the area including the Living Street and the installation of the Big Red Bridge. A portrait of Ian and other local leaders can be seen beside the bridge. The trustees, staff and volunteers of Bradford Trident offer their deepest condolences to Ian’s family for their loss and pay tribute to Ian’s magnificent achievements and contribution to Little Horton, Bradford ad West Yorkshire.

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Ian was Ian a great & good person as being I am sorry for the lost ☹️

Zeenat Bibi

Very sad news to hear of Ian's passing. Ian was a great person. Deepest sympathies and thoughts are with Ian's family and friends. RIP Ian.

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Someone so special can never be forgotten.

Someone so special can never be forgotten.
shaukat hussain

A great loss to little Horton ward

Nasir Khan

I am so very sad and sorry to hear of the death of Ian Greenwood. As an officer at the West Yorkshire Pension Fund, I know that Ian was our 'Champion' and he 'got it' when it came to the seemingly dry subject and world of pensions. He represented the fund nationally, and on the ground he also really cared about our staff. It is a somber day in the office today after hearing the news. May he rest in peace.

Grace Kitchen

Very sad to hear the news about Ian. As the T & A's former City Hall Reporter for ten years, I always found him extremely approachable. He was fiercely loyal to his constituents and understood what they wanted from him. I viewed him with the utmost respect and his passing is an enormous loss to the city of Bradford, which he really cared about.

Olwen Vasey

Hi I knew Mr Ian Greenwood from a very young age. He was very good to us always helped us when we needed help. Was a great man and always showed great character and enthusiasm towards people's causes. Will always be remembered. - MR SHAH, Dawnay Road BD5

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Condolences to Ian Greenwood's family. They can be proud of his long and faithful service to the City of Bradford. He set a fine example for others to follow.

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Just to say I feel really sad to hear this sad news, councillor Ian Greenwood helped me many years R.I.P you will be sadly missed xx😢

Janet Phillips

Ian Greenwood will be greatly missed but his warmth, kindness, and gentle spirit will be remembered forever.

Mustahsan Aqeel

Ian was our local Councillor for many years and he was always willing to help with local issues no matter how big or small. He will be dearly missed and has left a long standing legacy and a path which is indeed very difficult to follow by many that have tread on the path of representative politics.

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Ian Greenwood was a man who was immensely dedicated to Bradford and the people of Bradford. He served with dedication and distinction in all of the roles he undertook to serve the City. It was an honour and privilege to have known him, he will no doubt be sadly missed.

Ibrar Majeed

A sad loss to Bradford and the pensions industry. Ian was a champion for both.

Yunus Gajra

Very sad news to hear of the passing of Ian - Forthright and honourable, so well respected. RIP. Toby (former convenor with the GMB union)

Toby Rackham

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