AN inspirational doctor who is in the process of creating acid attack-proof make-up is being followed by an international documentary maker.

The work of Dr Almas Ahmed, 32, was first covered in the Telegraph & Argus and has since received attention on a national and global scale.

As part of the documentary, she visited her former school, Titus Salt School, Baildon, to talk to students.

Speaking about the visit, she told the T&A: “I just really want to motivate people and I want people to know I’m just a normal person from this area and I’ve managed to achieve something and I want them to know that they can do the same.”

Dr Ahmed has been formulating her idea for a decade, ever since she first heard about Katie Piper’s horrific ordeal.

The brave campaigner has rebuilt her life after surviving an acid attack back in March 2008, when she was just 24 years old.

Dr Ahmed has ploughed around £60,000 of her own money into the venture and says the product looks, feels, smells and works like regular make-up, but is heat-proof and acid-proof.