APPROVAL for a three-storey, 800-capacity function hall with room for nearly 300 cars is on the cards.

The plans for vacant land off Dick Lane, Tyersal, will be discussed by councillors next Thursday - and it's recommended they are given the green light.

A report released ahead of the meeting says the proposed site is a function hall, that will include weddings, with operation hours of 9am to midnight.

It says: "It is also stated that there are three main wedding seasons which all directly

correspond with the Council’s school holidays – Easter, summer and October half-term.

"During the peak seasons it is expected to host some during the week events, however

for the remaining nine months of the year it is likely that the weddings will only be on

weekends. In winter (October to February) there are minimal bookings as due to the

weather they are not desirable dates."

In looking at the impact on nearby residential properties, the report says a Noise Impact Assessment has been submitted which concludes the impact will be "minimal".

It says: "One issue that the objectors have raised is that of the use of fireworks during the wedding events particularly at unsocial hours.

"In a supporting statement the applicant has stated that during an Asian wedding, fireworks are only used during one point, this being the Baraat Day (second day) as the groom is arriving and never when the guests are leaving as this is considered to be the most sombre part of the occasion as the bride is given away by her family to the groom and she heads to her new home. Any loud noise at this part of the function would be considered extremely disrespectful."

Other objections have raised concerns about traffic and the design of the building not fitting in with its surroundings.

Comments include: "The proposal will impact on the mental well-being of neighbouring residents from the additional noise pollution and this would have consequential ramifications on their physical well-being.

"The land could be put to better use to benefit the local community, and not those

who do not live around here, such as an Aldi/Lidl or a GP's surgery.

"The proposal will result in an increase in anti-social behaviour. The proposal will not bring employment or financial benefit to the immediate surrounding area."

However, others say the plans would "liven the place up" and put it good use and that it is currently used as a "dumping ground".

The report says West Yorkshire Police have not objected to the principle of the development, but have commented on specific aspects, for example parking overspill. The Council's Highways Department has recommended a Traffic Regulation Order be imposed as a way of addressing this.

In outlining the reason for recommending approval, the report says: "The proposal provides a development on a brownfield site that presents no concerns with regard to residential or visual amenity and highway safety."