A KITCHEN and living room were damaged when a chip pan caught fire in a Bradford home.

Firefighters from Bradford were called to the city centre flat, in Drewton Road, at 7.30pm yesterday after a man's attempt to make chips sparked a blaze.

Watch Commander Mark Collingwood said the only occupant of the home had filled a pan with oil and started cooking the potatoes, but had left it unattended while he had a shower.

When he returned, the kitchen was on fire and he immediately alerted the fire service and got himself out of the building.

Damage was confined to the open plan kitchen and living room.

Watch Commander Collingwood said: "Cooking chips like this is something we would advise against doing.

"We don't see the old school chip pans on top of the hob any more.

"People have listened to our message about how dangerous they are, but occasionlly someone will bring them back out."