TWO of the artists who were involved in different ways in the early days of South Square Gallery in Thornton have returned to the venue.

Came So Far For Beauty features the work of Mandy Farrar and Allan Brack at the venue until Sunday, December 23.

They last showed their work together at the gallery in 2002.

The exhibition celebrates 16 years of a creative journey and sees them return with with work reflecting the years in between spent briefly in America, then Cornwall and more recently in North Wales.

Both share a passion for the magical and the ethereal; the sea and water; light and energy and their firm experience and belief that through creative recovery 'art saves lives'.

At exhibitions they have paid homage to the late Leonard Cohen, and the new event is named after one of his songs.

Mandy works mainly in abstract in acrylics/mixed-media, and Allan draws/paints figuratively with emulsion and pastel.