A FRUSTRATED taxi driver has urged parents to take more responsibility for their unruly children - before one of his passengers is seriously injured by thugs throwing rocks at his car.

Sadar Hussain, 60, has told how the dark nights have seen a rise in the number of bored youngsters trying to vandalise his cab as it passes unlit areas in Wibsey and Buttershaw.

The latest attack came on Sunday night and he fears it is only a matter of time before something smashes a window and injures him or one of his passengers.

Mr Hussain, who works for Jenny’s and M & R private hire taxis, said he was driving along Beacon Road, near Wibsey Park, when what he believes was a rock or stone hit a back seat door.

It was inches away from the window and possibly shattering the glass.

He said: “It is getting worse day by day.

“A stone hit my door handle, but someone could have been seriously injured.

“They were targeting me to smash my window.”

Mr Hussain is calling on parents to bring their children under control and stop them from damaging property and livelihoods.

It comes after a bonfire night in Bradford which saw a yob pour petrol across Great Horton Road before setting it alight.

The fire was started outside the Moonlight ice cream parlour and the road was blocked by a wall of flames as the blaze took hold.

Another terrifying incident involved missiles being launched through the windows of the Carlisle Hotel, in Carlisle Road, before fireworks, placed in a traffic island in the middle of the road, were fired in all directions, including towards the pub.

Mr Hussain added:”I want these parents to watch out for their children because they need to realise that we always carry passengers.

“If they do it again they could smash the window and it could hit someone in the face.

“That could be someone’s relative in the car; somebody’s son or daughter.

“Parents probably don’t even know their children are hanging about on the streets, but someone could have been seriously injured or killed.

“If the rock had come through the window and hit someone’s head, they could have been seriously injured or dead.”

Munsaf Dad, 50, a colleague of Mr Hussain, said his windscreen was cracked a few weeks ago on Halifax Road, in Buttershaw, when someone threw a solar-powered garden light at his car.

He added: “The light cracked my windscreen and I had to get it replaced.

“We are only trying to do our jobs, but this happens on a regular basis.

“To the people who do this it is a bit of fun, but at the end of the day, it could be anyone in that car.

“It’s not funny if the person in the car is a relative who is injured.

“Maybe it will take the police to go into assemblies and speak to about what is happening before this stops.”