AMBITIOUS plans for a major new "multi-million pound" event space dubbed the 'Bradford Exhibition Centre' have been unveiled in the hope of breathing new life into a long-vacant, derelict site.

The proposals, which include striking visuals of how the site could look, have been lodged with Bradford Council and would see the creation of an event venue, made up four separate spaces, and 15 business units on Princeroyd Way, off Ingleby Road.

The site, previously occupied by Alston Mills wool combing plant, has been empty since 1983 when the buildings were demolished.

These CGI images show how the land would be transformed and the application, submitted by Ingleby Developments and TH3M Architects, says strong emphasis has been placed on creating a building of "high architectural merit" to enhance the local area.

It adds: "The proposed development at Princeroyd Way aspires to create a new exhibition/community facility for local residents and aims to create a unique destination for individuals and businesses from around the UK to host events, exhibitions and wedding functions, which in turn is hoped to improve the local economy and help in the further regeneration of the city.

"The proposed development aims to create a unique architectural landmark in the form of the 'Bradford Exhibition Centre' or 'BEC' in short, at the same time providing small scale industrial units which are currently in high-demand due to limited availability of similar building types in the city and surrounding regions.

"The mixed use development provides opportunity for employment generation and start-up enterprise occupying the units, in-turn improving the socio-economic status of the local district."

Mohammed Sajid, from Ingleby Developments, said the development, which has evolved over a lengthy period of time, represents a "multi-million pound" investment into the area.

Mr Sajid, who is from Bradford, said the scheme was about "giving something back" to the city in the hope of kick-starting change and bringing further investment in.

The applicants are serious about delivering the project and say, subject to the plans being given the green light, they are "eager" to get going, with funds and investment in place.

"The proposed scheme will finally bring this long-derelict site back into productive and beneficial use," says the application.

"The applicant has worked extensively with the Council planners to create a scheme which will benefit residents. It will also provide a significant economic boost to the area, not least from the creation of 15 small business units which will will allow local companies and entrepreneurs to establish and grow their businesses and create jobs. The event space itself will also create local employment opportunities both directly and indirectly through associated businesses."

The application says the "significant undertaking" has been "very carefully" designed in relation to the site, the neighbouring housing, other businesses and the immediate and wider road network.

The events building is described as being of a "high architectural quality" and contemporary design, which will "offer a clear and welcome contrast to much of the mundane and, in too many cases, poor architectural quality of the surrounding industrial and retail developments."

The West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce said of the plans: "Bringing more vacant buildings and sites back into use has to be a good thing.

"It improves the landscape of the locality and adds to the vibrancy of the area.

"We have far too many empty buildings and vacant plots of land that could be better utilised in some way.

"This scheme would enhance the facilities offer for business and leisure events, create jobs and assist with regeneration.

"However, we have to have the right developments in the most suitable places, of course, and other factors such as parking and access need to be taken into account, as well as having the best blend of businesses and organisations from different sectors.

"We look forward to hearing of the application’s progress.”

A second attempt to convert a nearby empty mill and former clothing store into an Asian wedding venue has been submitted to Bradford Council. The Council has already refused the plans for Westfield House, the former Grattan catalogue shop on Ingleby Road, saying the site did not have enough parking for the proposed use as a banqueting suite to be used for weddings.