A FOUL-mouthed rant posted on a Facebook account appearing to belong to a First bus driver has caused waves on social media.

An account set up in the name of Jamie Manuel, which says he works as a bus driver at First Group, posted the expletive-laden rant after a bus window was smashed.

He also shared a picture of the shattered front of the 645 Buttershaw-Cooper Lane bus. Other reports on social media suggested it happened on Otley Road.

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On the post, which has now been taken down, Mr Manuel said he was ‘feeling angry’ and wrote: “To all you lovely people that b**** and moan about fare increases and bus driver wage rises, this is why.

“We risk our lives for people like you on a daily basis. We are abused and tormented on a daily basis.

“We miss countless hours with our families on a daily basis….and for what??

“To take s*** because the bus in front is missing, meaning your [sic] gonna be 10 mins later home than usual?

“Or because there are 10 times more vehicles on the road than there was back in “YOUR DAY”, meaning more fecking traffic!!”

His rant continued: “Or is it because your c*** womble kids are throwing fireworks, stones, bricks and whatever else they can get there [sic] hands on at us, meaning more buses off the road due to repairs.

“Just think on, next time your [sic] about to moan at the driver for something he/she may not be able to control. We are still human after all.”

He then sent the following message: “And to the kids that caused this, you should find yourselves very lucky that the driver and passengers weren’t injured….but to the parents, you guys need to give your f****** heads a shake and wake up, cos your little b****** of a child may not be so lucky next time!!!”

A spokesperson for First Bradford, said: “Every year around Halloween and Bonfire Night we see an increase in anti-social behaviour and youths attempting to vandalise our vehicles.

"These kinds of attacks not only present obvious dangers to the drivers, customers and other road users but also affect communities while buses are out of action and services that people rely on are reduced or suspended.

“We are aware of comments made by an employee on social media about an incident involving a vehicle vandalised in Bradford and these are being investigated. These comments do not represent the business."