EVER wondered what it takes to become a successful blogger and vlogger?

In her wonderful new book ‘Mumboss’ Vicki Psarias, an award-winning blogger and vlogger from Leeds, imparts her secret to success and shares her expertise and wisdom from maternity and beyond to mums, and dads, who are taking those tentative steps into a whole new world - parenting.

Honest and open, Vicki’s experiences demonstrate the ups - of welcoming a little one into the world and all the wonderful things that brings - and the downs, the worry about returning to the world of work after maternity and the guilt of trying to be everything and feeling you are failing.

We all want to be the best we can be, deliver 100 per cent as a parent and in our professions but particularly those who are juggling high-flying careers, life after having a little one marks a significant change in circumstances and the pressure from the workplace you previously welcomed as you climbed the career ladder suddenly becomes frustrating leaving you with plenty of guilt through those missed milestones you will never get to repeat.

‘Mumboss’ aims to help mums - and this book is useful for dads too - to navigate their way through and find their feet juggling family life with their profession.

And if it ain’t working - well fix it. ‘Mumboss’ gives parents the tools to look at and seize other opportunities to carve out a new profession.

Perhaps they could turn crafting into a career or selling clothes online. More importantly, ‘Mumboss’ gives readers the confidence to give it a go, see if it works. If not, stick with the status quo until something else comes along and have the confidence to know that it will and it will work.

Vicki is a fantastic example of someone who found the perfect profession which gave her the flexibility to fit around her two sons - and you get the feeling she’s loving it.

So content is she with her life, the hints and tips she shares on how she shaped her career are designed to help readers who may want to begin blogging and vlogging too.

Vicki explores the advantages - and disadvantages - of life online and how it can help parents in particular get the best of both worlds - run a business and be there for their children without the guilt of missing out on those precious moments.

‘Mumboss’ takes us from the inception of honestmum.com - one of the UK’s top parenting and lifestyle sites - through the trials and tribulations we all encounter through life that led Vicki to build and develop a successful online enterprise.

Aside from her online world, Vicki was also making great strides as a TV director and filmmaker writing for a range of publications. Readers may also recognise Vicki’s familiar face on TV as an expert commentator - she certainly packs plenty into her profession and still has time for her sons proving you can have your cake and eat it!

For those who think there aren’t sufficient hours in a day just to keep on top of a job and the routine of looking after a family and a home - Vicki often writes in the night the still of the house and the fact that her sons are in bed provides the perfect opportunity for her creativity to flow and it does - with great effect - ‘Mumboss’ being the result.

Readers are encouraged to adopt the ‘Mumboss mindset.’ Vicki offers tips for self-care too. As well as Vicki’s helpful hints and tips there are contributions from many more experts in the know.

It’s a real feel-good book to fill you with oodles of confidence. It’s an inspiring read - but it wasn’t written alone as Vicki credits her sons Oliver and Alexander who inspired her to put pen to paper (she loves stationary); her very proud Greek-Cypriot parents, father George, a successful and well-known restaurateur she fondly refers to as ‘Papa G’ and her own #mumboss mum Vasoulla, brother Solos, her husband Peter, her beloved auntie Zak, and all those who helped to nurture ‘Mumboss.’

By Sally Clifford