PROTESTORS were outside City Hall this afternoon in preparation for a debate about a crematorium proposal.

Supporters of the "Northcliffe Says No" campaign were in the centre of Bradford to attend a council meeting where their petition will be discussed.

The petition, which now has over 3,500 signatures, is against Bradford Council's decision to consider Northcliffe Park as a potential site for a crematorium.

Around 40 people turned up for the meeting today clad in t-shirts with the campaign message printed on.

Protesters were also carrying signs.

Chair of Friends of Northcliffe, Steve Bruzzese, said the crematorium would effectively split Northcliffe in half.

He said: "It would completely ruin the look of the park and its use. It would have an impact on wildlife and people's wellbeing.

"The land is held in trust with the council for the recreational benefit of the public and I don't even believe it should be considered in the first place."

The suggested crematorium plans have come about as current sites, Nab Wood and Scholemoor, are already operating beyond their original lifespan and bigger sites are needed to house mercury abatement equipment.

Five per cent of Northcliffe Park would be used, according to a report at the Council's Executive in July. 

Mr Bruzzese said: "I understand the problem for the council having to find crematorium space, but it doesn't mean it should be eating into these park spaces."

A protester, Tim Clark, moved to the Northcliffe area four years ago after using Google Maps to check out the park. 

He said: "We bought our house based off seeing Northcliffe Park. We have dogs and it's a fantastic space - the views are to die for, but we don't want more traffic."