BRADFORD'S firework crackdown has continued with a juvenile charged with affray.

The subject was arrested in the Bradford West area and now The Crown Prosecution Service have supported a charge of an affray (public order).

Several conditions have been placed on the individual while they await to appear at court in due course.

Police revealed this includes a large exclusion zone, as well as a curfew period between 6pm and 6am across the bonfire period.

Police Sergeant, Paul Riley, said: "The team have worked hard to secure this result, who are delighted with the support from CPS.

"This sets the tone for the rest of this bonfire period. Play with fireworks and face the prospect of custody, charge and court"

He added: "As key dates draw closer, the Neighbourhood Policing Team are deploying more officers into the community thanks to volunteer Special Constables.

"We will be using all available tactics to detect and challenge serious anti-social behaviour involving fireworks."