A MAN is behind bars awaiting a long jail sentence for raping an intoxicated woman with a broken jaw he preyed on at dead of night in Bradford city centre.

Shaid Hanif targeted his lone victim after she was seen staggering the streets, covered in blood and heavily under the influence of alcohol and cocaine.

Hanif, 40, of Stephen Crescent, Whiteways, Bradford, was convicted by a jury yesterday afternoon of raping the vulnerable young woman at his home in February, 2016.


Recorder John Thackray adjourned the case so that Hanif can be assessed to see if he poses a serious public danger.

Hanif, who was in custody throughout his trial, was remanded back to prison at be sentenced at Leeds Crown Court on November 16.

During the trial, the court heard that Hanif came across the woman by chance outside Jurys Inn.

Her shirt was covered in blood, she had no handbag and she had suffered a broken jaw, chipped teeth, a fractured finger and bruising and grazing.

Prosecutor, Matthew Bean, told Bradford Crown Court that Hanif had used the woman, who was a total stranger, for his own sexual gratification. He took her home in a taxi and raped her on his single bed.

She could recall nothing after checking the time on her phone at 2.30am until she woke next to Hanif 12 hours later.

The court heard that she had been out with friends in The Village nightclub in Sackville Street where she had drunk vodka. S

he also took three lines of cocaine on the night out.

She had been prescribed a strong dose of antibiotics by her doctor for a chest infection, she told the jury.

When she woke the following afternoon, there was blood on the pillow. She had no trousers on, her teeth were damaged and her jaw was swollen. She burst into tears when she looked in the bathroom mirror at Hanif’s home but said he became angry and swore at her.

The woman told of being scared and confused.

“I didn’t have a clue where I was. It was weird,” she recalled.

“I just wanted to get out of there. I didn’t know what had happened to me.”

She sat on the step outside the property waiting for a taxi to a friend’s house.

The woman needed stitches to a laceration to her lip. A blister on her breast could have been caused by a lit cigarette being stubbed out on her skin, the jury heard.

Hanif told the court the woman followed him along Sunbridge Road and got into the taxi with him.

He wanted her to sleep on the settee at his home but she ‘insisted’ on going to bed with him and having sex, he claimed.

Hanif originally stood trial for the rape in May 2017, but the jury was discharged after he was attacked in the courtroom by a man in the public gallery.

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He was treated in hospital for bruising and the trial was abandoned at the request of his legal team.

They said he was too shaken and shocked to concentrate sufficiently on the proceedings.