A Bradford woman who was behind on rent payments and due to be visited by bailiffs killed herself by taking a massive dose of pain killers, an inquest heard.

Amanda Taylor, of Browster Avenue, Keighley, died at her home on May 21 after taking an overdose of amitriptyline tablets.

Mrs Taylor, 44, was found by her 16-year-old daughter, Jordan Watson, slumped half on and half off a sofa. The Bradford hearing was told that Mrs Taylor had written three notes to friends and family.

Mrs Watson, who had been living with her mother, said she had never shown any previous indication of suicide.

The coroner Roger Whittaker was told in a statement, written by Miss Watson, that she had found a bucket full of vomit and pills in the room when she found her mother and that she felt that maybe her mother had had second thoughts.

Pathologist Dr John O'Dowd said an overdose of this amount of amitriptyline was known to make people sick.

Recording a verdict of suicide, Mr Whittaker said Mrs Taylor took her life whilst the balance of her mind was disturbed.

After the inquest, Miss Watson, fighting back the tears, said: "All I can say is she didn't mean to take her life. She was a really positive person and she was my best friend."