BRADFORD Council is to discuss attacks on emergency workers at a meeting next week.

A motion will call for the Council to support new legislation - the "Protect the Protectors" bill - which recently received royal assent and means tougher sentences for those who assault people who work in the emergency services.

To be moved by Councillor Abdul Jabar, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Neighbourhoods and Community Safety, the motion calls for the Council to note: “Public servants in the police, fire and ambulance services put themselves in extraordinary situations to protect us every day.

“Antisocial behaviour and attacks against those professionals are unacceptable and put lives at risk both by threatening the safety of the worker and by diverting resources from emergencies. This is a problem throughout the year, including around Bonfire Night.”

It adds: “This Council: Endorses Holly Lynch MP’s ‘Protect the Protectors’ campaign and will support publicity campaigns to promote safe and responsible behaviour and raise awareness of the tougher sentences arising from the Assaults on Emergency Workers (Offences) Bill.

“Supports our partners in police, fire and health and the trade unions in their work to combat antisocial behaviour and attacks, including through engagement activities in schools and other youth and community settings.

“Calls on residents to: be respectful to public servants keeping us safe; enjoy safe bonfires and fireworks by preparing properly, getting appropriate permissions and acting responsibly, ideally by attending well run public events; help educate young people about the risks of fire and the need to treat each other and the emergency services with respect.”

The worrying reality faced by those who put themselves in harm's way to protect and help the public was laid bare by the West Yorkshire Police Federation.

The body, which represents members of the police force in the county, shared shocking statistics on Twitter which revealed a total of 30 assaults on officers over the past week.

These included 10 being punched, seven kicked, three bitten, three spat at and two head butted.  A detention officer was also punched. The federation slammed the attacks as “unacceptable”.

This time of year often sees a rise in attacks and fire crews have been out in Bradford this week to educate young people on firework and bonfire safety. Firefighters spoke with young people at Abu Bakar Masjid, Leeds Road, and Scholemoor Community Centre.

The West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue’s Youth Team has also run a Targeted Intervention Day at Bradford Fire Station, aimed at keeping young people safe over the bonfire period.