COULD this image along a busy road in Bradford be a Banksy?

The street artist, famous for being anonymous, has made headlines again recently after a framed painting of his appeared to self-destruct following its sale at auction at Sotheby's in London.

And it made Younas Loonat, from Bradford, stop and wonder if the urban artwork on a wall near a school could be a Banksy.

The stencilled artwork appears to be an image of Bradford artist David Hockney atop a pedal cycle.

Mr Loonat says he regularly walks along Keighley Road and this week noticed what he thought was just a "blob" or "bit of daubing" to be an actual painting.

"I must walk that route, near the grammar school and Lister Park, two or three times a week because I only live a minute from there and the other day took a closer look at the paint on the wall near the bus stop.

"It was only when stopping and looking that I realised it was a picture.

""What I thought was a blob wasn't and when I looked closer I said to myself, it's a bicycle with a bloke on it.

"I've looked up Banksy's work and it is in his style. It really is a good piece of artwork.

"Some may call it graffiti but I think it is really good. I'd love to know who the artist was and wanted to point it out to people so more could enjoy it because I am sure they would be interested in it.

"I expect many will have walked and driven past, like I have, and not seen it or not given it much thought.

"I have no idea how long it has been there. Perhaps it was painted around the time the Tour de Yorkshire came through Bradford because of the bicycle theme?

"I am sure someone will know."

The artwork is just a few metres from the entrance to the grammar school between a bus shelter and a lamppost with CCTV cameras on it.