THE hunt for a "barbaric" dog killer is still underway.

Inspectors from the animal charity were called to Brackenhill Park, off Hollingwood Lane, last month, when a dog walker found the lifeless pet hanging from a tree with three ropes tied together.

The RSPCA believes the dog was aged between one and two-years-old, but it will be impossible to identify the owner as it was not micro-chipped.

Inspector Sarah Bagley was asked to attend and described the ordeal as one of the most horrific she has come across in her career.

At the time, she said: "It's definitely one of the worst things I have seen.

"The sheer violent act of what has happened is unthinkable.

"We will be looking to prosecute whoever has done this for animal cruelty."

She said the way the dog had been strung up was "clearly intentional" and there was no way it could have accidentally got into that position.

After the shocking news broke, Yorkshire Rose Dog Rescue offered £1,000 to anyone who could provide information leading to a successful prosecution of those responsible for killing the dog.

Janet Burrell, from the local charity, described the killing as “barbaric”.

She said: “We are disgusted and more upset than anything.

“There is nothing to defend hanging a dog or this sort of behaviour. It is barbaric to hang a dog like that, and unfortunately it’s not the first time we have come across this."

The RSPCA confirmed no-one has yet been interviewed over the killing and the investigation is still "open and ongoing".

Anyone with information should contact the National Cruelty Line on 0300 1234999.