THIS afternoon fellow reporter David Jagger and I took on the hottest curry available in U.K. supermarkets, and we won.

Supermarket giant, Morrisons, launched the Flaming Fiery Phaal this week only a year after it launched its six chilli rating Volcanic Vindaloo.

The latest concoction includes Scorpion Chillies - once the hottest chilli in the World - mixed with Naga and green chillies, and it has a total rating of eight chillies.

I've always been one to enjoy my spicy foods and even took on the Volcanic Vindaloo last year, but the smell wafting from the office kitchen as the curries cooked in the microwave left hairs on the chest.

You know when you can smell how spicy something is?

That was the case here.

Armed with paper towels, disposable utensils, water and emergency milk, David and I took on a curry each, fully expecting at least a degree of pain - there was a severe warning on the front of the packaging after all.

I take my challenges seriously, and so decided - perhaps out of sheer spice snobbery - that I was going to devour the Flaming Fiery Phaal without drinking a drop of liquid.

The curry itself had a lot of sauce and included a single huge red chilli - which I decided to tackle as well.

It had a a real crunch to it, as well as an intense, concentrated hit of tongue-tingling spice which added to the sensation that was already developing from several mouthfuls of the sauce and chicken.

At one point, the dreaded heat hiccups began for Dave, but he battled through to finish the lion's share of his curry, with only some sauce and the chilli remaining.

Dave, the T&A’s Education Reporter, summed the experience up perfectly.

He said: “It’s definitely the hottest curry I have ever eaten.

“Initially it wasn’t that hot, but the heat builds to a point where your whole mouth is on fire.

“Despite the heat, it was actually a really flavoursome curry, the sauce was packed with different spices meaning it was nice and tasty despite the heat.

“I’d be interested to know if any of Bradford’s award-winning curry restaurants have something hotter on their menus.”

Being the spice fan I am, I got rid of everything - all without any liquid - and even asked Dave if I could lick the tub - he gave me a look and didn't reply.

By the end, our faces had both turned a strange shade, we'd sweated a fair amount and my lips had actually swollen.

As we got back to our normal lives, the feeling of heat (which was slightly uncomfortable) slowly began to work its way through our bodies.

But, overall the Flaming Fiery Phaal promises spice and it did deliver in many ways.

It would go too far to say the curry was horrifically hot, but it did have a sensory stimulating kick accompanied with a whole lot of flavour - which can be a rarity with this kind of thing.

Now another challenge is put forward as the sun sets on this particular spicy activity.

Does your curry house have anything hotter than the Flaming Fiery Phaal?

Have you tried out Morrison's new hottest curry?

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