POLICE arrested a 15-year-old last night for a firework disorder at a local community centre.

The firework incident took place at the Khidmat Centre, in Spencer Road, on Sunday, September 23.

But, the youth was arrested last night by Officers SC Sakeb and PC Cahill, from the Bradford West Neighbourhood Policing Team.

The suspect spent an evening in custody and was given two youth conditional cautions, for public order and possession of an adult firework while underage.

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The youth offending team will also now work with the young person to prevent reoffending.

SC Sakeb said: "We might not catch up with you on the night, but the Bradford West Neighbourhood Policing Team will pursue any lines of enquiry to take positive action against those that use fireworks to cause alarm and distress over this coming Bonfire period.

“Thank you to the community for coming forward to provide the name of this person. A few seconds of sparks, is not worth a criminal record.”