FIREFIGHTERS have again come under attack in Bradford while tackling a fire.

This time the attack occurred in the Parkside Road area of West Bowling, with crews being subjected to racial abuse before having stones and bricks thrown at their fire engine.

A spokesperson for Odsal fire station said they were called out to the fire at around 7.45pm last night when they were the victims of an attack.

He said: "We attended a bonfire, and as firefighters were putting the fire out they were subjected to some nasty racial abuse.

"We left the area, and as we were leaving our fire engine was bricked.

"There wasn't much damage, but that's not the point."

The attack is the latest in a string of attacks which began a couple of weeks ago around the city as Halloween and Bonfire Night approach.

On Monday, it was revealed fire crews are having to be escorted by police to fires in certain areas of Bradford because of the risk of being targeted by youths hurling fireworks and other missiles.