CRIME has risen by more than 20 per cent in one Bradford constituency, figures have revealed.

A police report to the Bradford South Area Committee, which meets tomorrow, says there was 14,177 recorded crimes between April 1, 2017, and March 31, 2018 - an increase of 22 per cent over the previous 12 months.

This increase is markedly higher than the Bradford District wide rise of seven per cent.

The report highlights the "extremely challenging" nature of policing the area. Inspector Shelley Slarke, who leads the Bradford South Area Neighbourhood Team, cites austerity and a reduction in police resources having an impact on policing as a whole.

Violent crime makes up 31 per cent of the total, criminal damage accounts for 14 per cent and burglary - residential accounts for 10 per cent.

The report says the Tong, Great Horton and Royds wards are the areas most impacted by violent crime, contributing 63 per cent to the total reported.

Meanwhile, Tong and Royds are most impacted by criminal damage and Great Horton and Tong are most impacted by residential burglaries.

At the top end of the scale, Tong accounts for 26 per cent of recorded crime, while Queensbury accounts for 10 per cent.

In the report, Insp Slarke says: "Whist the increasing figures are concerning, the largest contributor to crime is violent crime. Within this figure are included all domestic abuse related offences.

"Commentators believe the rise in reported domestic abuse is due to victims being more confident in the police response with forces actively encouraging victims to report offences. The recent football World Cup also saw a spike in reports of domestic abuse."

A number of crime reduction measures are also highlighted, including Operation Steerside in Wyke and Great Horton, which saw vehicles being seized, tickets issues and several taxis suspended from operating.

Operation Spicebridge in Tong, which aimed to tackle drugs, burglary and antisocial behaviour, led to 33 arrests over a five-day period, five warrants executed and 54 people and vehicles stopped and searched.

The report also reveals that a shop watch scheme is in the "final stages of preparation" and is due to go live in Wyke at the end of month. It's hoped this will be replicated in other wards of Bradford South.

In October, two further police officers will join the team and the report says these will be "over and above" the current staffing profile.