THREE partially sighted fundraisers are challenging themselves to climb the highest man-made outdoor wall in the UK.

The trio will not have clear sight of all the hand and foot holds on the 36 metre-high wall at ROKT, in Brighouse, but are determined to make it to the top and raise as much money as possible for Guide Dogs UK.

Chris Towers, 36, works at Emerald Publishing Limited, in Bingley, and is joining Amanda Wainwright, 48, and Paula Webster, 37, from Silsden, for the challenge on October 10.

All three either have a guide dog or are on a waiting list for one, and know the crucial role they play in the life of someone with poor vision.

Mr Towers, owner to Jaeger, a two-year-old Labrador Retriever, said: “Most of us have some sight anyway, but it’s going to be quite a challenge because we might not be able to see everything on the wall.

“We are going to muddle through and have a crack at it.”

Mr Towers says he is taking on the challenge firstly to say thank you for the help he has received from the charity, and secondly to help others get the help they need through a guide dog.

He added: “I no longer feel isolated and unhappy at needing constant help and support to walk around.

“Jaeger has given me freedom to take a walk when I choose, go to the shops when needed and the best part of all, to pick up my young daughters from school

“Finally, I want to inspire others to get involved and challenge themselves. I want to show people that despite a disability, we shouldn’t be held back in life and if we want to achieve something, we can.”

The challenge takes place during Guide Dogs Week, which runs from October 8 to October 12.

Ms Wainwright added: “I am doing the climb because Guide Dogs gave me back my independence and I want to give back to the charity who gave me my first beautiful guide dog, Quella.

“I was inspired by not only my guide dog, but by my family members who were blind and deaf and our friend who told me to apply for a guide dog and who sadly died before she found out that I had been matched with a dog.”

Ms Webster said she is climbing to prove to her 5-year-old boy that you can do anything “when you put your mind to it.”

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