POLICE in Bradford received an unusual call out last night to remove a surprise intruder from the M62.

Roads policing officers were called to the motorway close to Junction 26 for Chain Bar at around 11.20pm last night.

The westbound carriageway and part of the eastbound side had to be closed for around 20 minutes as officers tried to remove a pony which had strayed onto the highway.

Officers helped the Shetland pony to safety after it got onto the motorway.

West Yorkshire Police Contact Centre tweeted: "The Shetland pony has been rescued and its tipped to win grand national next year."

Chief Inspector Ian Williams also labelled the officer seen helping the pony to safety "the horse whisperer".

A tweet from the Force Command Hub said: "We don’t only deal with criminals - this little Shetland Pony decided the M62 was a good play ground tonight!

"XR50 to the rescue... one pony safe and sound."