'THERE is no way to find comfort from our suffering'.

Those are the heartbreaking words of Kamil Zdeb, whose pregnant wife Aneta, 26, was killed in a horror car smash last year. The couple were travelling from their home in Bradford with their three-year-old daughter to visit friends in Spalding, Lincolnshire, on August 25 last year when the tragedy unfolded.

Mr Zdeb, 27, from Laisterdyke, has spoken out after two men were each jailed for three years and nine months for the horrific crash. Earlier this week, Lincoln Crown Court heard Lukasz Orywal, 32, of Lound, Nottinghamshire, constructed a "make shift" tow bar and arranged for a friend without a driving licence to travel behind him after buying the van as a "non runner" for just £300.

Eye witnesses described how the Vauxhall Movano van being controlled by convicted burglar Andy Hurns, 28, of Retford, Nottinghamshire, could be seen swinging from side to side over the centre white line and bumping in to the back of the Chrysler Voyager being driven by Orywal. As the two vehicles sped down a hill at 55mph the 90cms rigid tow bar snapped, sending Orywal's car spinning at 45 degrees in to the opposite carriageway. It collided with the Zdeb's car. Aneta Zdeb, who was 14 weeks pregnant, suffered traumatic injuries to her liver and heart from the massive impact, while Mr Zdeb was knocked unconscious. Their daughter was protected by her child seat and suffered scratches to her arms and legs.

Mr Zdeb said: "There is literally no way of finding comfort from our suffering. There isn’t anything that will give back a life to my wife and our children. I wouldn’t wish the pain that we have suffered on anyone, even the two people convicted at court. They have to live with the hardest thing of knowing what they have done."