A WOMAN has been jailed for one year after stealing her uncle's car from his house.

Stacey Waller, 36, of Allerton Road, Allerton, appeared before Bradford Crown Court yesterday to be sentenced for burglary and possession of cannabis. She pleaded guilty to both charges.The court heard she had climbed through the bathroom window of the house, on Bradford Road, swiping some loose change and the spare keys for the Ford Focus.

She used it for a number of days, and was living in the car, before being arrested three days later on July 31 this year.

Camille Morland, for Waller, who the court heard has had a drug problem and off over the years, said she had a "chaotic lifestyle" and had fled her Allerton home after being threatened.

His Honour Judge Jonathan Rose handed Waller a 12-month prison sentence for the burglary offence, with no separate penalty for the possession of cannabis.