A MOTHER has spoken out after her son has been left hospitalised and unable to walk following a collision with a car last Sunday.

Reyhaan Shahzad, only 11 years old, was hit by a car on Harewood Street at around 5:25pm on September 9, police confirmed.

He now has to have an operation at Bradford Royal Infirmary (BRI) involving screws and metal plates in order to fix his fractured ankle, after an extended stay in hospital due to an infection in a wound from the collision.

The youngster had been playing out with two of his cousins a few streets from his grandma's house, and went to cross the road to follow them when he was hit.

Mother, Nazmeen Akhtar, of Thornbury, said: "He told me he looked left and right and said no cars were coming."

A police spokesperson said the driver did stop and offer to provide details and Reyhaan's father said they were not required.

But, PCSO Diane Copley, said on Twitter: "The driver told [the mother] it was just a bruise and the 11-year-old child's fault so no point in phoning the Police and left."

Mrs Akhtar said that the occupants of the car tried to get her son to walk on, what would later be confirmed as, a broken ankle, but he fell backwards.

Reyhaan said: "I remember being hit and falling back. They made me walk on my leg and said it was a bruise. My leg kept going downwards and my foot bent out of place.

"I had to push the woman out of the way. I was a bit sad, they could have helped me a lot more."

His mother said that Reyhaan's father had simply left the scene in a panic to get his son to hospital.

She said: "They could have left a number, they could have asked to find out at a later date how the child is. They saw his father panicking and just left.

"If I had knocked a child down I would have gone with them to the hospital. They didn't even report it to the police."

After an x-ray, Mrs Akhtar said she was told Reyhaan would have a cast put on and he could leave the hospital and use painkillers to manage the pain during recovery.

But, after a few days she noticed her son was very unwell in himself and was in lots of pain.

She took him back to BRI on Tuesday, September 11 where she said a CT scan revealed the damage in the ankle was much worse than thought.

Mrs Akhtar said: "He had the biggest blisters when they took the cast-off and his leg was a mess."

She added that Reyhaan was due to have a procedure last Friday and was put to sleep in preparation, but because of the extent of swelling from the infection, surgeons could not operate.

The op has been pushed back to Wednesday when doctors hope the infection will have died down after a course of antibiotics, but Mrs Akhtar explained the whole ordeal has been exhausting and upsetting.

She said: "It's really took a right impact on our lives. I don't know what date it is, I'm that confused.

"He keeps saying he can't dance anymore and wants me to tell him when he'll walk again."

Reyhaan had a message for anyone who may have seen what went on on the day of the incident.

He said: "I'd just ask them to come forward and tell police what happened."

Police are wanting to speak to the driver of the vehicle or anyone who witnessed the collision.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101 quoting 13180453338 or use the live chat facility on the forces website: westyorkshire.police.uk