NEW traffic calming measures will be introduced at a busy junction in Menston - although they will not include the pedestrian crossing many residents had asked for.

Parents of children at Menston Primary School had submitted a petition to Bradford Council to install a safe crossing space on Bingley Road.

They said that children from the High Royds Estate had to cross the busy junction of Bingley Road, Menston Drive and Main Street to get to the school. A mini roundabout at the junction was removed last year, and residents said since then there have been several "near misses" as there is nothing to slow cars at the junction down other than a "Stop" line on the road.

Twenty people had signed the petition, and it was discussed by members of the Council's Shipley Area Committee last night.

The petition said cars didn't slow down when they reached the junction, that it was only a "matter of time" before there was an accident, and that children had to rely on cars letting them past to cross the road.

Simon D'Vali, highways engineer, said the school was unlikely to be able to find a crossing patrol at the site in the near future.

He said a stepped table in the road would help reduce speeds approaching the junction, adding: "This will making the junction safer than it is now."

It would cost £5,000, while a full pedestrian crossing would cost the taxpayer around £25,000.

He said there have been no accidents at the site.

Councillor Gerry Barker (Cons, Wharfedale) said: "There have been no accidents, but a lot of close calls. I have had to slam down my breaks a few times at this junction."

Councillor Dale Smith (Cons, Wharfedale) said: "A lot of cars go through this junction without stopping. I believe we still haven't got safety at this junction right."

The committee approved to include a speed table, but not a full pedestrian crossing, on the works programme of future highways works.