A MAN accused of sexually abusing two girls more than 35 years ago has denied having sexual contact with either of his accusers.

Christopher Hardaker, 62, who emigrated to Australia 16 years ago, is on trial at Bradford Crown Court accused of 11 counts of indecent assault against the two girls, one aged between 10 and 14, and another aged between seven and nine, and four counts of rape against the older girl.

Hardaker, 62, of Hodd Way, Western Australia allegedly abused the girls over a number of years starting in the late 70s.

The incidents are alleged to have happened when Hardaker was living in Eccleshill, and he has been accused of raping one girl on numerous occasions.

In his defence, Hardaker told the court that the whole thought of having a sexual interest in children “totally disgusted” him and he didn’t know why the women were telling lies about him.

When asked about it by his barrister Richard English, he added: “I’ve had a long time to think about this since I was dragged away from my family in January - and I can’t think of anything.

“I have spent years helping people but this has just basically floored me. I’m not the person that’s described here.”

It is alleged that Hardaker sexually assaulted one of the girls while he was setting up a film in his house, and he touched her while his wife and father were in the next room.

He denied owning a cine projector and that his father had ever visited the house, having moved abroad.

Another assault is alleged to have happened in his van in a car park when Hardaker had given the girl and her mother a lift.

He denied using his work’s van - it would have been his car - and said he stayed in the vehicle alone to wait.

He also denied raping the girl numerous times, including in a quarry on the day of a family gathering, and that he made her crawl up the stairs so his neighbours would not see them together.

Earlier in the trial prosecutor Gerald Hendron told the jury: “His case is the accounts are untrue and are fabricated. He says her never had any sexual contact with them at any time.”

In cross examination, the older sister of one of the alleged victims said her sibling had not, in later life, spoken to her about her experiences at the hands of Hardaker. However, she herself said she found him to be “slimy”.

In another statement, it emerged the woman said Hardaker had told her he would kill her if she told police.

The trial continues.