A DOCTOR has regained consciousness and is communicating with her family through sign language after she and her son were seriously injured by a giraffe.

Dr Katy Willams, a wildlife biologist, and her three-year-old son Finn, were attacked last Monday on the South African wildlife reserve where she lives with her husband, Dr Sam Williams, who grew up in Bradford.

The update was released via a family statement yesterday.

Dr Sam Williams said: “It was amazing to see Katy wake up and to be able to talk to her and to reassure her that we are there for her.

"Finn has been stable and doctors are satisfied with his condition under the circumstances.

"I hope that in time he will also wake up so that we can all be reunited as a family."

Dr Sam Williams, was returning from a run when he saw the giraffe standing over his wife and son, 150 metres away from their home.

He scared off the animal at the Blyde Wildlife Estate near Hoedspruit in the north east of the country and called the emergency services.

The family have been joined at Busamed Modderfontein Hospital by Katy's father, Jack Standish, and his son, David Standish.

Mr Standish Snr said: "I can always tell how Katy is doing by the look in her eyes. I can see that she was very happy to see us, but that she is very concerned about Finn. I know it will take a long time for them to recover, but I will be here as long as they need me."

It is believed the giraffe, who was with a calf, may have seen Dr Williams and her son as a threat before it attacked.

Mr Standish added: "This was an unfortunate incident, but I can ensure you that Katy would never have deliberately put herself or Finn in danger.

"We hold no judgement against the giraffe.

"This is just the way nature is and we accept that."

The couple are both PhD animal researchers and Mr Williams grew up in Bradford and went to Whitcliffe Mount School, Cleckheaton.

Mrs Williams is originally from the United States but is also a British citizen.

To make a donation towards the family’s recovery go to https://www.gofundme.com/katy-and-finns-recovery