FANS of Yorkshire author Jenny Holmes can look forward to her latest heartwarming tale.

There’s a distinct familiarity in Jenny’s stories focusing on strong, independent females whose endurance of tough times is often central to the plot.

‘Wedding Bells for Land Girls’, launched on August 23 and published by Corgi, sets the scene in 1940s Britain when the country is at war and the men and women are making huge sacrifices leaving their families through service and looking after the land.

The efforts of the Land Girls and other personnel helped to keep the country ticking over during this crucial chapter in history and ‘Wedding Bells for Land Girls’ looks at the friendships that were forged around that time in this easy and charming read.

Central to the plot are Yorkshire Land Girls and pals Grace, Brenda and Una whose love lives bring an interesting dynamic to the plot.

The war years saw many relationships torn apart as anxious brides pondered whether or not they would see their partners again as many were killed in combat.

Readers of Jenny’s previous books can identify with the friendships that are formed in situations and circumstances affecting the characters lives. The loyalty that lies within is also very often integral to the plot.

Jenny’s previous books, many of which I have had the pleasure of reviewing, include ‘The Telephone Girls’ based in 1930s Bradford where a brand new telephone exchange provided a workplace for some of the city’s women.

‘The Midwives of Raglan Road,’ ‘The Shop Girls of Chapel Street,’ ‘The Mill Girls of Albion Lane’ and ‘The Land Girls at Christmas’ all follow a similar theme of ‘triumph over adversity’ to which readers can easily relate.

‘Wedding Bells for Land Girls’ takes readers back to a challenging time for communities; a time which tested people’s strength of character, their courage and their dedication and commitment to helping their country with the war effort.

The Land Army girls were very much an integral part of sustaining Britain through the war and their stories have continued to fascinate and entertain down the generations.

Interestingly, Jenny’s family - her mum served in the Land Army and many of the females in her family such as aunts and great aunts worked in shops and as seamstresses - appear to have inspired her writing about independent women and the friendships they shared.

‘Wedding Bells for Land Girls’ binds the lives of the fictional characters Jenny has created through a tale of survival at a time when people had far less than society has now.

Weaved within is the focus on family loyalty and the strength of character that helped many people cope during this chapter in British history.

It’s about camaraderie helping to keep communities together during such testing times when supporting each other was more crucial than ever.

The book has a wide appeal but younger readers in particular would gain an educational insight into how communities coped during the war years and of how communities coped in testing times.

Born and brought up in Yorkshire, Jenny Holmes has been writing fiction for children and adults since her early twenties.

Testimony to her writing talents, Jenny has had a series of children’s books adapted for both the BBC and ITV.

Although Jenny has lived in the Midlands and travelled in America, she returned to her Yorkshire roots bringing up two daughters and writing her much-loved books.

‘Wedding Bells for Land Girls’ is published by Corgi and is priced at £6.99. It is available from all good bookshops.