An "evasive and dishonest" ex-boyfriend faces jail after spying on his lover by concealing hidden listening devices in her home.

Wayne Bamford, 47, mounted a stalking campaign after being spurned by mother-of-one Joanna Dawson, a court heard.

He hid two secret listening devices in her bedroom in what was described as a "highly sophisticated" covert operation.

Bamford called the second listening device at least 1,600 times in a bid to hear what was happening in Miss Dawson's house over 15 days from March 1, 2017, to March 16, 2017, the court heard.

But Bamford's surveillance op was foiled after Miss Dawson sought advice from a surveillance spy shop when her suspicions were aroused.

Recorder Anthony Hawks warned Bamford he faces a "significant custodial sentence" because of the risks he not only continues to pose to the complainant but "women in general".

Bamford pleaded guilty to stalking causing serious alarm or distress.

He claimed he was only responsible for one device and appeared at Bradford Crown Court for a hearing to determine the facts of the case.

Prosecuting, Anthony Moore said the pair began a relationship in May 2016 and started an accident management business together six months later.

But the relationship broke down and ended in January 2017.

Miss Dawson's suspicions about her being under surveillance were first aroused when Bamford appeared to comment on her movements.

Miss Dawson became more concerned weeks later aftershe contacted a locksmith and had them changed only for Bamford to text message saying "there is no need to change your locks".

Miss Dawson visited a covert spy shop in Leeds, West Yorks., in March 2017 seeking advice and workers told her what to look for, a court heard.

She found a twin dual adapter plug - which had a hole in it - in her bedroom next to her bedside cabinet.

Experts revealed it was, in fact, a listening device and Bamford was arrested and then bailed by police.

Giving evidence, Miss Dawson said: "He played me a recording in my own house and told me he had paid someone to place a device on the outside of my house which I did not believe.

"I went to a spy shop in Leeds and it sells surveillance devices. I asked them, 'if I wanted to bug someone's house what do you do?'

"He told me I could use some extensions leads and plug adapters. He told me what to look for."

Miss Dawson found a second device hidden behind her TV - which is mounted on a wall - in her bedroom in March 2017, the court heard.

She was prompted to check behind her TV during a conversation with her sister on the phone.

Miss Dawson added: "I just wanted him to leave me alone and didn't want him to be prosecuted.

"At that time, I didn't know how serious his behaviour towards me would get. It's when his behaviour escalated.

"I thought he would stop when he originally got arrested but it didn't, it got worse."

Bamford suggested Miss Dawson had installed the convert cameras herself to keep tabs on her ex-partner following an acrimonious split after ten years.

Taking the stand, Bamford said: "Every time her son went to his father's he would come back with blisters on his bum so she said she wanted to monitor this.

"I left on January 16, 2017, and sent Joanna's mother an email asking if she could shed any light on why she had turned so volatile and nasty."

Recorder Anthony Hawks said: "I find the complainant entirely plausible. I find the defendant evasive and dishonest. I totally reject his account that the complainant was responsible.

"I'm very concerned about the risk you may present to people. You were prepared to engage in a highly sophisticated way to stalk that woman.

"It goes without saying there can be little more terrifying for somebody to find out they are being listened to in their own home, the one place entitled to feel safe.

"It seems to me that this is an inevitable prison sentence. He has thrown away credit for pleas and forced you {defence counsel} to call her a liar.

"I regard these offences extremely serious and highly sinister."

A court heard, Bamford was jailed for 30 months in November 2015 at Leeds Crown Court after being convicted of money laundering and possession of cannabis with intent to supply.

He was granted bail and will be sentenced on October 19.