NEW research has slammed the brakes on the long-held claim of many men that they are better drivers than women.

Data obtained by price comparison website indicates that female motorists in this region are safer than their male counterparts.

The information has been gleaned by the company from car insurance figures and recorded motoring offences.

According to the statistics, 80 per cent of the 77,122 drivers who appeared in court across Yorkshire and Humberside last year on motor-related charges were men.

West Yorkshire saw the highest number of offences, which included speeding, driving while disqualified and theft.

And again, men were the biggest culprits – 38,705, compared to 10,596 women.

The research also shows that male drivers are more likely to make a claim on their insurance than female motorists – and cost insurers greater amounts when it comes to pay-outs.

Plus, men on average have to fork out more for their insurance cover.

Insurers base the cost on the risk of the person making a claim, using the historical claims information available to them.

Amanda Stretton, for, says: “Many men are under the impression they are ‘better’ drivers than women.

“However, our research clears-up the age-old debate – women are less likely to commit a motoring offence or make a claim, meaning they pay less for their car insurance.”

But the basis of the men versus women argument was called into question by locally-based driving experts.

Keighley driving instructor Jane Hudson said: “I’m not sure that I agree women are necessarily better drivers than men, and there’s certainly more to the argument than insurance statistics.”

Frank Parkin, chief observer with Skipton and Craven Institute of Advanced Motorists, said: “It takes a braver man than me to get involved in the old argument about who is the better driver!

“Over my many years’ involvement in further driver training with full licence holders, I have been driven by some super male and female drivers.

“I have also been driven by poor ones of both sexes, so that’s not very conclusive.

“I feel that females are probably more cautious on the roads and realise that safety is the most important part of driving.

“Most of the offences referred to seem to be exceeding speed limits, and possibly men push their luck more than women.”